Discover why pursuing a real estate career in the US may not be the lucrative investment you initially thought. Explore the risks, challenges, and potential pitfalls associated with this profession.


Considering a career in real estate? While it may seem like a lucrative opportunity, it's essential to delve deeper into the potential risks and challenges associated with this profession. In this article, we will dissect why a real estate career can be a bad investment and shed light on the potential pitfalls you may encounter along the way. So, let's embark on this journey to gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying factors.

  1. The Volatile Nature of the Industry

Real estate is a highly volatile industry that is sensitive to economic fluctuations. This volatility can pose significant risks to professionals in the sector. Here's why:

  • Market Instability: Economic downturns can lead to a decline in property values, making it challenging to secure profitable deals. When the market takes a downturn, real estate professionals may find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

  • Unpredictable Demand: The demand for real estate properties can fluctuate, making it challenging to maintain a steady stream of income. This uncertainty can lead

Being a successful real estate agent is easier said than done. After all, there's a reason 87% of real estate agents fail. However, knowing the mistakes these realtors make, such as failing to follow up with clients or not having adequate funding, can help you prepare and grow a successful real estate business.

Is real estate super competitive?

The real estate industry is highly competitive, and the competition is only intensifying with the rise of online real estate platforms.

How likely am I to be successful as a real estate agent?

Industry analysts estimate that somewhere between 75% and 90% of all real estate agents fail within the first five years of starting their real estate career. And everyone agrees that the first year is the hardest.

How competitive is the real estate business?

Real estate is a highly competitive industry, and buyers and sellers have numerous options when choosing an agent to work with. Therefore, agents who prioritize customer service can differentiate themselves from the competition and gain a reputation as trustworthy, knowledgeable, and responsive professionals.

How many houses do most realtors sell a year?

So How Many Houses Does a Realtor Really Sell Each Year? Only a small number of realtors sell more than a hundred homes a year, and the majority sell anywhere between 2-10 homes a year. Further, first-year or those just starting as realtors usually sell the least number of homes.

Is real estate ever a bad investment?

Real estate investing can be lucrative, but it's important to understand the risks. Key risks include bad locations, negative cash flows, high vacancies, and problem tenants. Other risks to consider are the lack of liquidity, hidden structural problems, and the unpredictable nature of the real estate market.

What are the cons of being a realtor?

The Pros and Cons of a Real Estate Career

  • Pro #1. Achieving Freedom.
  • Pro #2. Feeling Responsible.
  • Pro #3. Being Respected.
  • Pro #4. Excitement.
  • Con #1. Having Nothing to Do.
  • Con #2. Doing the Wrong Things.
  • Con #3. Weird Working Hours.
  • Con #4. Irregular Income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Warren Buffett doesn t like real estate?

Buying and managing real estate is more of a business than it is an investment, and Buffett knows that his time is better spent choosing companies to invest in than it is running a real estate business.

How do first year real estate agents succeed?

Obvious (But Often Overlooked) First-Year Real Estate Agent Tips

  1. Prospect every workday.
  2. Know your market.
  3. Have a financial plan.
  4. Be as responsive as possible, but set boundaries with your clients.
  5. Build your sales and consulting skills.
  6. Put your business plan in writing.
  7. Niche down.
  8. Establish your online presence.

Is sales a good career in 2023?

Ultimately, the decision to pursue a career in sales should be based on your interests, skills, and career goals. If you are passionate about sales and feel that you have the necessary skills to succeed, then 2023 could be a good time to enter the profession.

Why do people want to major in real estate?

Working in real estate is a satisfying, enjoyable, rewarding, hands-on career option. Individuals and businesses are buying, selling and leasing property every day and they need well-educated, out-going professionals to help them meet their goals.

What is interesting about real estate?

The total value of every home in America is now estimated to be worth $33.6 trillion. California makes up 21.2% of the nation's housing value with $7.1 trillion worth of homes. Los Angeles has added more than a trillion dollars to its housing market since 2010.

What is real estate and why is it important?

It can be used for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, and typically includes any resources on the land such as water or minerals. Real estate is generally the most valuable asset a person can acquire as it typically appreciates over time.

What do you enjoy most about working in real estate?

As a real estate agent, you get to put your interpersonal skills to work all of the time. Sometimes it happens at networking events, sometimes at the office, and sometimes over coffee or lunch. You'll work and socialize with business colleagues, affiliates, partners, and new clients.

Why is real estate an interesting career?

It gives you flexibility, unlimited earning potential, and true independence. You can help grow and transform your community by connecting people to the best places to live or do business. We want to help you get started creating a satisfying career built around your personality and innate talent!

What is one example of a career in real estate?

Helping people buy and sell homes, office buildings, industrial property and corporation farmland, property management, land development, mortgage banking, urban planning, real estate counseling, appraisal and research are all aspects of a career in real estate.

Why is it good to work in the real estate industry?

Control over your schedule – as a real estate agent, you set your own hours. You can work as much or as little as you need to get the job done. 2. Offers a nice work and life balance – setting your own schedule makes flexibility another great perk of becoming a real estate agent.


Is Realtor the happiest job in the world?
It might not feel like that when you're working a 12 hour day just trying to get through all of the tasks on your plate, but it's true: real estate agents are reportedly 17% more satisfied in their careers than workers in other professions, according to research by the Conference Board.
Is the real estate industry competitive?
Is the Real Estate Industry Highly Competitive for Investors? Yes. Real estate, like any lucrative sector, can be pretty competitive. Seasoned investors understand well that getting the top prices involves beating the competition.
Is it hard to be successful in real estate?
Key Takeaways. Working as a real estate agent or broker can be fulfilling and financially rewarding, but it's not easy. A career in real estate requires drumming up business, promoting yourself, tracking leads, handling complex paperwork, providing customer service, and much, much more.
How likely are you to succeed as a real estate agent?
Being a successful real estate agent is easier said than done. After all, there's a reason 87% of real estate agents fail. However, knowing the mistakes these realtors make, such as failing to follow up with clients or not having adequate funding, can help you prepare and grow a successful real estate business.
Why is real estate competitive?
Millennials have begun entering the housing market, which means more people are looking to buy homes when there is a shortage of homes available. Millennials have advanced in their careers enough to afford to buy a house, and are eager to have a home to enjoy their married life or start families.
Is the real estate field oversaturated?
But in recent years, the market has become saturated, with an overwhelming number of agents and realtors flooding the field. As such, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out and secure a foothold in this cutthroat industry.
How long do you have to take real estate exam after course in Texas?
You will have one year from the time you submit the application with TREC to pass the licensing exam. We have been an approved educational provider for the Texas Real Estate Commission for over 20 years! We pride ourself on providing you with professional course materials and student support.
When can you take the Florida real estate exam?
The Florida real estate exam is offered daily and can be taken conveniently online at home from anywhere or at a Pearson Vue test center. Test centers are located throughout the United States.
How do I register for the GA real estate exam?
If you don't want to schedule your exam online, you can also call by telephone to set up a testing appointment. To do this, call PSI at 1-800-345-6559. They will require you to provide your personal information, including Social Security number, and to have an idea of when/where you want to take the test.
How fast can you get your real estate license in California?
TL;DR: Getting a real estate license in California typically takes 3-6 months. The process includes completing a pre-licensing course, passing the state exam, and completing background checks. The timeline may vary depending on individual circumstances.

Why real estate career is a bad investment

How many people pass the Texas real estate exam the first time? How hard is it to get a real estate license in Texas? Is the Texas real estate exam hard? Well, given that on average 58% (24,881 passed / 42,857 taken) pass the licensing exam on the first try, as of July 3, 2023 it's safe to say it's not an easy test.
What is the highest paying real estate job? The highest-paying real estate job is typically the role of a Real Estate Development Manager. Real Estate Development Managers are responsible for overseeing large-scale development projects, managing budgets, negotiating deals, and ensuring successful project completion.
What are the qualifications for re 423 exam? You must document experience as a licensed salesperson on a full-time basis (or part-time for the equivalent of two years full-time) in the form of certifications from your responsible broker or former responsible broker(s). These certifications must be made using the Licensed Experience Verification (RE 226).
Why do you love being a real estate agent? I have the opportunity to work with a lot of different people with different backgrounds, different interests, different income levels, and different needs. I love getting to know each individual; I love building rapport with each individual; I love earning the trust of each individual.
Is it good to be a real estate agent in Florida? Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows real estate agents in Florida making a mean wage of $56,460, with agents in the top 90th percentile averaging $96,580. Keep in mind that these figures reflect the averages for all agents, which includes part-time agents.
Can you make $1000000 a year in real estate? If You're Going to Dream, Dream Big (and Plan Even Bigger) Consider what it would take to make $1 million in gross commissions your first year selling real estate (before expenses and taxes). It would involve selling approximately $50 million of real property with an average salesperson commission of 2%.
How long do most real estate agents last? Most real estate agents fail in their first year, according to research. Three common mistakes that agents make is inadequate prospecting, failing to market properties in ways that lead to fast sales, and not following up with clients.
Will real estate agents be around in 20 years? Will there be a future without real estate agents? The short answer is no. Real estate agents are highly unlikely to go the way of the Caspian tiger or Guam flying fox anytime soon. Still, it seems likely that the demand for real estate agents will decline over the next decade.
How often should you follow up as a real estate agent? If a lead didn't get back to you at first, follow up with them seasonally. If a lead on the other hand says they are thinking about making a move, follow-up with them once a months. You can tailor your automated follow-ups through Agent Legend according to the needs of your leads.
Why do real estate agents have a bad reputation? The lack of experience among some realtors contributes significantly to the negative reputation. Clients who encounter agents with limited expertise might face inadequate guidance, incorrect information, and ineffective negotiation skills. This lack of proficiency tarnishes the overall perception of the profession.
  • What percent of realtors fail in the first 5 years?
    • 87%

      As a real estate professional, you're probably familiar with the NAR's research that found 75% of Realtors fail within the first year, and 87% fail within five years of entering the industry.

  • Is real estate a good business to get into?
    • If you sell enough properties, you can earn a very comfortable living. A career as a real estate agent or broker can be both challenging and financially rewarding. But keep in mind that there are many different unique opportunities for anyone who wants to work in the industry.
  • What major is best for real estate?
    • Popular majors for future real estate agents include marketing, finance, accounting, psychology, and business. Even though going to college isn't required, you may find it helpful to complete a degree or certificate program to gain knowledge that would help you succeed as a real estate agent.
  • Is real estate a way to become a millionaire?
    • For hundreds of years, buying real estate has been one of the best ways to accumulate wealth. Sure, we've seen real estate boom-and-bust cycles in recent decades, but over time, owning real estate has made thousands of people rich in every part of the United States.
  • Do realtors have free time?
    • In fact, some realtors prefer to work exclusively on weekends and keep some of their weekdays as their makeshift weekend days. At the end of the day, while real estate agents cite flexible hours as a huge pro, being a realtor is still a full-time job.
  • What type of real estate makes the most money?
    • Commercial properties are considered one of the best types of real estate investments because of their potential for higher cash flow. If you decide to invest in a commercial property, you could enjoy these attractive benefits: Higher-income potential.
  • How long do most realtors last?
    • Something to note: in 2014, NAR reported 87% of all new agents fail after five years in the industry, with only 13% making it. Agents don't leave the industry because they made too much money. Rather, they leave the industry because they didn't make any.
  • How competative is real estate agent
    • Oct 7, 2022 — While real estate is a flexible — and often, lucrative — industry, to build a truly successful career as a real estate agent, you need to 
  • How many years does it take to make money in real estate?
    • Everyone is different, but six months is around the time many agents make their first sale. To start making consistent money, you should plan for about a year. To make a profit, you should plan for up to 18 months.
  • Why do people quit real estate?
    • The number one reason people quit real estate is because they expect to see immediate results. People expect a solid month of hard work to result in a good deal and a lot of money, and when it doesn't, they are quick to decide real estate must not be for them.

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