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Discover how and where to report real estate fraud in the US to safeguard your investments. Learn about the steps to take, relevant authorities, and common FAQs regarding real estate fraud reporting.


Real estate fraud poses a significant threat to property owners and investors in the United States. Whether it involves mortgage scams, fraudulent listings, or deceptive practices, staying informed about where to report real estate fraud is crucial to protect your investments. This article will guide you through the process, provide useful tips, and shed light on the relevant authorities to contact.

Where to Report Real Estate Fraud: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Recognize the Signs of Real Estate Fraud:
  • Suspiciously low prices or exceptional offers that seem too good to be true.
  • Pressure tactics from sellers or agents to make hasty decisions.
  • Forged documents, such as fake titles or deeds.
  • Unauthorized changes to property ownership details.
  • Misrepresentation of property condition, amenities, or location.
  1. Gather Evidence:

Before reporting real estate fraud, gather all relevant evidence to support your claim. This may include contracts, communication records, photographs, and any other documents proving the fraudulent activity. The more

Yes, anyone whether a realtor or broker, is required to have their business license.

1947National Association of Real Estate Brokers / Founded

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What is be required to be licensed as a California real estate broker?

A minimum of 2 years of full-time experience as a licensed salesperson within the past 5 years. You can also have the equivalent experience as a part-time agent, which would total 4 years. 2 years of equivalent experience in real estate as an unlicensed professional.

What is the largest professional organization in the real estate field?

The National Association of REALTORS®

Hear this out loudPauseThe NAR is the largest trade association in the US, with over one million members! The only real estate agents who can call themselves REALTORs® are members in good standing of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Can a California real estate broker be an LLC?

The California Real Estate Law is decidedly standoffish when it comes to limited liability companies. While it allows corporations to be licensed as real estate brokers, it makes not such allowance for limited liability companies.

What is Rebac in real estate?

Hear this out loudPauseThis coveted designation is awarded by the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council (REBAC), an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS , to real estate practitioners who meet the specified educational and practical experience criteria.

How do I keep my California real estate license active?

While your license remains inactive, you won't be able to engage in any brokerage activity or sales of real estate. So, to renew the inactive license, you'll need to submit an application for renewal, complete 45 hours of continuing education, and pay the renewal fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ABR stand for in real estate?

Accredited Buyer's Representative

Hear this out loudPauseThe Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR®) designation is for real estate buyer's agents who focus on working directly with buyer-clients at every stage of the home-buying process.

Is a seller's permit the same as a business license in California?

A business permit is not the same thing as a seller's permit. A business license permits you to conduct business. A seller's permit allows you to sell goods or other property. If you start a business that sells goods, you will most likely need both documents.

Why was NAREB created?

Hear this out loudPauseOur organization was founded in 1947, making it the oldest minority professional trade association in America. It was formed out of a need to secure the right to equal housing opportunities regardless of race, creed, or color.

Can a Florida realtor represent both buyer and seller?

(a) Authorized brokerage relationships. —A real estate licensee in this state may enter into a brokerage relationship as either a transaction broker or as a single agent with potential buyers and sellers. A real estate licensee may not operate as a disclosed or nondisclosed dual agent.

Where do most people search for real estate?

  • Our Top Picks.
  • Zillow.
  • Trulia.
  • Homes for Heroes.

How much does an average realtor make in Florida?

Real Estate Agent Salary in Florida

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $101,463 $8,455
75th Percentile $81,200 $6,766
Average $67,204 $5,600
25th Percentile $52,800 $4,400

Which realtor website is most accurate?

As we've noted, Zillow is both popular and, all things considered, relatively accurate — with a median error rate of 2.4% — at least when you're searching for the value of an on-market home. Redfin is another top-ranking home value site, and their median error rate for on-market properties is 2.08%.

Is it unethical for a Realtor to represent both buyer and seller?

Agency roles (and the laws surrounding them), vary from state to state. Dual agency in California is legal when it is properly disclosed, both parties consent to the arrangement, and the agent(s) don't disclose confidential information to the other party. In some other states it is not legal under any circumstances.

What is the largest real estate search engine?


Zillow is the most popular real estate website in America. It was founded in the year 2006 and is headquartered in Seattle.

What does it mean when an apartment is off market on Zillow?

Generally speaking, a home that is “off market” is not for sale. This means that the homeowner is not actively trying to sell their home - or if they are, they are not doing it through a public channel. Sometimes it can also refer to a home that will be for sale, but hasn't been actively listed yet.

What is the best color to wear for real estate photos?

It's best to wear neutral colors for a headshot for real estate agents. You also don't want to wear heavy patterns in various colors. Bright and busy colors are distracting and can be overwhelming in a headshot.

What is the difference between active and for sale on Zillow?

ACTIVE – for properties that are offered for sale and have no accepted contract on them. CONTINGENT W/KICKOUT – for properties that have an accepted contract that includes contingencies and includes a kickout clause. (A kickout clause usually involves a contract that has a house sale contingency.

How many pictures does MLS allow?

20-25 images

Many MLSs allow you to upload unlimited images for each listing however, experts agree that 20-25 images are sufficient to market any property and increase its online visibility. If you go overboard, it can have the opposite impact.

What is the highest paying real estate job?

Hear this out loudPauseThe highest-paying real estate job is typically the role of a Real Estate Development Manager. Real Estate Development Managers are responsible for overseeing large-scale development projects, managing budgets, negotiating deals, and ensuring successful project completion.

What triggers property tax reassessment in Georgia?

If the fair market value of property increases every two years, then it is the duty of the county tax assessors to increase the valuation of property for tax purposes every two years.

How does real estate work in simple terms?

Hear this out loudPauseReal estate is a form of real property, meaning that it is something you own that is attached to a piece of land. It can be used for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, and typically includes any resources on the land such as water or minerals.

Does Georgia have a cap on property tax increases?

Georgia has a property tax law code section that is referred to as 299c. This is a section of the law that caps assessment increases for two additional years beyond the year in appeal if the appeal is settled at the Board of Equalization, hearing officer, arbitration, or superior court.

Where do real estate agents make the most money?

Hear this out loudPauseReal estate agents in high cost of living cities such as New York and San Francisco tend to be the highest earners.

How do I appeal property taxes in Cobb county GA?

A standard appeal form is available at our office or you may simply write a letter telling us that you are appealing, indicate your appeal route choice, and if possible, explain why you disagree with our value. Your letter must include the street address of your property and the Parcel ID Number.

Can you make $1000000 a year in real estate?

Hear this out loudPauseIf You're Going to Dream, Dream Big (and Plan Even Bigger) Consider what it would take to make $1 million in gross commissions your first year selling real estate (before expenses and taxes). It would involve selling approximately $50 million of real property with an average salesperson commission of 2%.

How do you avoid property reassessment?

So long as the individuals and the legal entity have the same proportional ownership interests, the real property will not be reassessed when transferred to or from the entity or the individual. A and B can transfer property owned by them 50/50 to an LLC owned by them 50/50 without reassessment.

What does principal in real estate mean?

A principal is any person involved in a contract, such as a seller, buyer, principal broker, or an owner who has hired an agent as a property manager.

What is the difference between CoStar and LoopNet?

Costar focuses on helping users research properties and understand market conditions, while LoopNet's main purpose is to assist in the listing, marketing, and selling of properties. Another key difference is that LoopNet is a subsidiary of CoStar Group, Inc., while Costar operates independently.

What is an investment principal?

The initial deposit you open your account with is its principal, as is any additional money you subsequently deposit in the account. If you open an investment account with $1,000 that grows to $3,500 within 10 years, the principal is still the original $1,000.

What is CoStar used for?

CoStar is the industry leader in commercial real estate information, analytics and news. We provide our clients with the data and tools they need to make smart decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

What is the executive summary of a real estate company?

A real estate executive summary is a document that provides a brief overview of a specific real estate project or investment opportunity. It typically includes information on the property location, size, and type, as well as the project's financial projections and expected return on investment.

How does LoopNet make money?

LoopNet's business model involves selling memberships to its site. Paid or Premium Membership confers additional benefits.

Is principal the same as owner?

A principal is essentially another name for a company owner or member; at some corporations, the principal is also the founder, CEO, or even the chief investor.

Is guest star better than CoStar?

Guest stars are the step above co-star, and the meatiest of the three. They are generally larger roles and better pay, closer to a supporting lead in film. While a guest star doesn't have to be recurring, that is sometimes the case. They normally have multiple scenes, a character arc, and may appear in opening credits.

Is a principal always an owner?

While principals usually are sole owners, that's not always the case. Principals are also often defined as persons who own 10 percent or more of the equity in a business. Even more loosely, anyone with any share of ownership may be called a principal. So more than one person may be considered a principal.

Why did Redfin leave National Association of Realtors?

Hear this out loudPauseRath cited the same two reasons for the decision as Redfin executives highlighted in their open letter: “NAR policies requiring a fee for the buyer's agent on every listing” and “a pattern of alleged sexual harassment.”

Is 676 a good credit score to rent an apartment?

Most individuals or companies renting an apartment want credit scores from applicants to be 620 or higher. People with credit scores lower than 620 may indicate a high risk of default on rent owed.

Did Redfin lay off agents?

Hear this out loudPauseThe real estate brokerage firm Redfin said on Wednesday that it was laying off 13 percent of its work force, the company's latest move to cut costs amid a slowing housing market.

Is 680 a good credit score to rent an apartment?

The same research also found that building type affected credit score averages. High-end buildings saw an average score of 669, while low-end units had an average of 597. Anecdotally, many renters report that a score of 650 or above is often requested for approval of a rental application.

What is the Redfin controversy?

Hear this out loudPauseRedfin is cutting ties with the National Association of Realtors, one month after The New York Times published an article detailing a yearslong pattern of allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination and retribution that the organization did not address.

How much of your income should go to rent?


The 30% rule states that you should try to spend no more than 30% of your gross monthly income on rent. So if your salary is $5,000 per month, your target rent payment would be $1,500 or less.

How many people did Redfin lay off?

862 employees

Hear this out loudPauseRedfin is set to shutter its home-flipping business and reduce its workforce by 13%, laying off 862 employees.

How do you impress a potential landlord letter?

What to Include in a Rental Cover Letter

  1. Summarize Your Employment History. A landlord is far more likely to rent to someone with steady employment – they need the tenant to be able to pay rent every month.
  2. Share Your Hobbies.
  3. Discuss Your Thoughts on What Makes a Good Neighbor.
  4. Explain Why You Want To Live in This House.

Why Redfin is losing money?

Hear this out loudPauseSan Francisco home sellers were most likely to lose money because the region has experienced outsized home-price declines. It was one of the first markets to see prices sink when high mortgage rates triggered a slowdown in the housing market last year.

What is the lowest credit score to rent an apartment?

In general, a landlord will look for a credit score that is at least “good,” which is generally in the range of 670 to 739.

Can I buy a property in USA if I live in UK?

There are no restrictions on British investors buying real estate property in the USA. The United States welcomes British investors buying property in the USA. British people purchasing real estate property in the USA has certain advantages, such as a stable market, flexible financing options and tax benefits.

What is the best way to list a property?

9 Real Estate Listing Tips to Get Your Property Noticed

  1. Use good SEO practices.
  2. Take excellent photos.
  3. Use your email list.
  4. Share your listing on social media.
  5. Reach out to your personal network.
  6. Cold call and knock on doors.
  7. Reach out to past clients.
  8. Host an open house.

Does Zillow work internationally?

While Zillow has its own app (which is only available to users in the United States), Trulia is a popular alternative that is also available to international users.

How do I make my real estate listing stand out?

9 Proven Ways to Make Your Listing Stand Out

  1. Hire a pro (or two!) Real estate agents exist for a reason: they know best how to market your property.
  2. Stage it.
  3. Create a shot list.
  4. Be honest.
  5. Keep it simple (and clean)
  6. Go 3-D.
  7. Take a sunset stroll.
  8. Know that there's no such thing as too many photos.

Is Zillow in the UK?

Zillow is an American real estate and rental marketplace company that was founded in 2006. The website operates in the United States territories.

How do I land my first listing?

8 tips and tricks for getting listings as a new real estate agent

  1. Call everyone you know.
  2. Talk about real estate in person.
  3. Contact local major developers.
  4. Cold call and door-knock.
  5. Post about it on social media.
  6. Get recommendations.
  7. Go to local real estate offices.
  8. Invest in yourself.

Can a UK citizen get a mortgage in USA?

The Bottom Line. Many banks and mortgage companies offer conventional and FHA home loans to non-U.S. citizens, provided they can verify their residency status, work history, and financial track record. Lenders that work with this population extensively tend to be more flexible with the documentation you need.

What is the most popular day to list home for sale?

Thursday is generally thought to be the best day of the week to list a house for sale. Studies show that homes listed on Thursdays are more likely to sell faster, and for a higher price. Talk to your agent about whether listing your property on a Thursday should be part of your home-sale strategy.

What are the pitfalls of buying property in the UK as a US citizen?

Capital Gains Tax is another area Americans buying properties in the UK need to be aware of – not in the UK, but in the US. Americans living abroad are still liable for US taxes. Even if they are tax residents in the UK and pay their income tax to HMRC, they still need to file tax returns to the IRS.

What should you not do when listing a house?

10 Things Not to Do When Selling a House

  1. Neglecting Repairs.
  2. Overpricing Your Home.
  3. Failing to Stage Your Home.
  4. Kicking Curb Appeal to the Curb.
  5. Shying Away From Showings.
  6. Overlooking the Clutter.
  7. Leaving Too Many Personal Items Out.
  8. Ignoring Obnoxious Odors.

When a house is contingent What does that mean?

Depending on certain circumstances

What Does Contingent Mean In Real Estate? Contingent means “depending on certain circumstances.” In real estate, when a house is listed as contingent, it means that an offer has been made and accepted, but before the deal is complete, some additional criteria must be met.

What does the average realtor make in Wisconsin?

On average, real estate agents make $84,459 per year according to salaries reported by Indeed users.

What does it mean under contract on Redfin?

Under Contract Definition

When a home is active under contract it means that a buyer has made an offer on the home and the seller has accepted, but the sale is not yet final. When the transaction is complete, the status of the home will show that it has sold.

Does Wisconsin allow dual agency in real estate?

If a designated agency relationship is not authorized by you or other clients in the transaction, you may still authorize or reject a different type of multiple representation relationship in which the firm may provide brokerage services to more than one client in a transaction but neither the firm nor any of its

Why do owners typically list their property as a FSBO?

For sale by owner (FSBO, pronounced “fiz-bo”) homes are sold by the homeowner without the help of a listing agent or broker. Sellers typically choose to sell their home FSBO to avoid having to pay the real estate agent the commission fee on the sale of the home.

How do I get my brokers license in WI?

To apply for a Real Estate Broker license, you must satisfy the educational requirements by submitting evidence of one of the following: Complete the Board approved 6-hour education program for Brokers and 13-hour pre-license education program for Salespersons. Refer to Wis. Admin.

What is the difference between under contract and sold?

The Bottom Line: A Home Under Contract Isn't Quite Sold Yet

A home that's under contract indicates a seller has accepted a buyer's offer to purchase the property. But before the sale of the home can actually close, certain contingencies must first be met. Otherwise, the deal can still fall through.

Can a felon get a real estate license in Wisconsin?

Under Wisconsin law (Wis. Stat. § 111.335), professional licensing boards are generally allowed to refuse to issue a professional license to a person who has been convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, or other offense that is related to the specific profession.

Can you put an offer on a house that is contingent?

If you're interested in a property that's listed with an active contingent status, you may still be able to make an offer. While the initial offer will take precedence if all the contingencies are satisfied, making an offer can put you at the head of the line if the original deal falls through.

How much do top 10% realtors make?

According to their research, as of the fall of 2022, the average annual salary for California agents was $91,363. But that's not the whole story. Nationwide, real estate agent salaries range from an average of $28,270 for the bottom 10th percentile up to $102,170 in the top 10th percentile.

What real estate company is worth the most?

Most Valuable Real Estate Companies in the World

  • Equity Residential (NYSE:EQR)
  • AvalonBay Communities, Inc.
  • Goodman Group (ASX:GMG)
  • CBRE Group Inc (NYSE:CBRE)
  • China Overseas Land & Investment Limited (HKG:0688)
  • Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
  • CoStar Group, Inc.
  • SBA Communications Corporation (NASDAQ:SBAC)

What is the largest realtor association?

National Association of REALTORS®

National Association of REALTORS®

What are the four types of real estate?

The 4 Types of Real Estate Investments (Land, Residential, Commercial, Industrial) Real estate plays a crucial role in the global economy, offering opportunities for investment, wealth creation, and economic growth.

Is Enes Yilmazer a realtor?

Born in Turkey, Enes is a 3-time Windsurf World Champion who later on found his passion in Real Estate. He worked both as a developer and real estate agent for more than 8 years.

What does pending mean on Redfin?

When a property is marked as pending, an offer has been accepted by the seller and all contingencies have been satisfactorily addressed or waived. Pending deals are no longer considered active listings.

How much residential real estate does Blackstone own?

Blackstone owns approximately 0.03% of single-family homes in the US.

Why not to choose Redfin?

Because Redfin agents don't get more money if your house goes above the asking price, they have no incentive to try to get you top dollar. In contrast, traditional agents do make more of a commission if your house sells for more money, which means they are likely more motivated to get you the best possible deal.

Is Realty Connect legitimate?

Is Realty Connect a licensed real estate brokerage? Yes, Realty Connect is currently a licensed broker in CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, MD, NC, TX & VA.

How do I appeal a property tax assessment in Georgia?

Either the taxpayer or current property owner may file a written APPEAL of the assessment within 45 days of 'Notice Date', by delivering or mailing their completed appeal to the county board of tax assessors. (Certain counties have provided for electronic appeal filing).

What realtor has sold the most homes?

Pro Ben Caballero

Real estate pro Ben Caballero is breaking records yet again. He individually sold 6,438 homes in 2020, topping his own previous world record in sales.

How to sale real estate with realtor mls

Oct 4, 2022 — Home sellers who don't want to pay a real estate agent's commission can also list their home on a For Sale By Owner, or FSBO, site rather than 

What are the requirements to be a real estate agent in Alabama?

Agents with over 10 years of experience make an average of $105k per year.

  • Complete 60 hours of approved Pre-Licensing education.
  • Pass the course final exam.
  • Pass the Alabama Real Estate Salesperson Exam.
  • Select a sponsoring broker.
  • Complete the application.
  • Complete Post-Licensing.

How much do top 1 realtors make?

Each real estate office sets its own standards for top producers, but it's safe to say that a top producer would have to sell at least one home per month to qualify. Top producers earn around $112,610 a year to start, according to the BLS. 1 Mega-stars could earn $500,000 per year and up.

How many members of the AREC must have been an Alabama resident for at least 10 years?

Of the nine members of AREC, all nine are required to be residents and citizens of Alabama for at least 10 years.

How do top agents get listings?

How Do Real Estate Agents Get Listings in 2023?

  1. Form a Strong Network. Attend Real Estate Events. Start Generating Referrals.
  2. Invest in Your Brand. Work on a Solid Brand Logo. Work on Your Social Media Presence.
  3. Learn Your Market.
  4. Target Off-Market Properties. How to Find Motivated Sellers and Listing Leads.

Which of the following is a licensure requirement for an Alabama real estate broker?

Broker Requirements -Completion of a 60 clock hour course approved by the Commission plus holding an active salesperson's license for 24 of the 36 months prior to application. Applicants must take and pass the Broker's examination within 6 months of course completion.

How do you interview a real estate agent?

In-depth questions for a real estate interview

  1. What has been your favorite selling experience?
  2. What is your favorite part of working in real estate?
  3. Why should you be hired as our newest agent/broker?
  4. How do you create a client base?
  5. What are the most important resources buyers should be using?

Who appoints members of the Arec?

How many years does a member serve during a term on the Alabama Real Estate Commission? The answer is five. Members are appointed by the governor for five years and may serve no more than two full consecutive terms.

How to make $100,000 your first year in real estate?

To make $100,000 a year real estate agents will need to focus on constant lead generation to maintain and grow their database. Taking action on priority tasks, not getting distracted by shiny objects. And be extremely consistent even when busy or when things don't feel like they're working.

What disqualifies you from being a real estate agent in Alabama?

In Section 34-27-32 of the Alabama Real Estate License Law, the statement is made, "The Commission may reject the application of any person who has been convicted of or pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude." The key word is "may." Just about every month someone with a

What does cha mean on real estate contract

Class A Unit means any Partnership Unit that is not specifically designated by the General Partner as being of another specified class of Partnership Units.

Which approach to value is the most commonly used in real estate appraisal?

Sales comparison

Sales comparison.

This is the most common method, where appraisers value a property based on the recent selling prices of similar properties in the same neighborhood.

What are codes in real estate?

Housing codes are typically enacted at the municipal level, although codes have also been adopted at the state level, such as in Massachusetts and California. Housing codes set the minimum standards for the conditions of rental properties through a lengthy list of highly specific provisions.

What are the three approaches in real estate?

Three Approaches to Value

  • Cost Approach to Value. In the cost approach to value, the cost to acquire the land plus the cost of the improvements minus any accrued depreciation equals value.
  • Sales Comparison Approach to Value.
  • Income Approach to Value.

What is a default in the real estate market?

Late fees will be applied if payment is not received during the grace period. And after thirty days without payment, the mortgage is considered in default. The process that will occur after the loan goes into default will begin after the grace period has passed with no payment being made.

Which approach es is most likely to be used for residential real estate?

The Cost Approach

The Cost Approach is commonly used for buildings which do not generate income. Examples include government buildings, hospitals, schools, and churches. This approach is also often used for residential real estate and is deemed the most accurate approach to use when valuing new homes.

Can you sell a house that isn't code?

Whether or not you must fix a code violation in order to sell your home depends on where you live and what the problem is. Many issues do not have to be fixed in order to sell your home, but some state or local authorities may require certain safety issues to be corrected before transfer of property.

What is the real estate sales approach?

The Sales Comparison Approach uses sales prices as evidence of the value of similar properties. The price at which a particular property sells is the price determined by the interaction of supply and demand at the time of sale. If supply or demand factors shift, prices generally rise or fall.

What does EMV mean in real estate?

Estimated market value

The estimated market value (EMV) for property tax purposes is the likely price a property would sell for on the open market. State law requires assessors to value property at 100% of market value.

What are the three approaches to valuation?

There are three approaches to valuing a company: the asset approach, income approach, and market approach. Within each approach, there are several commonly accepted methods that the valuator may choose to employ in valuing the business.

What are the 5 most important building codes?

The 5 Most Important Building Codes in U.S. Construction

  • Placement of Smoke Alarms.
  • Defective/Missing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters.
  • Faulty Beams and Joists.
  • Rescue Openings/Emergency Escapes.
  • Ladders/Steps/Window Wells.
  • Building Codes vs Zoning Codes.

What is the most common complaint filed against realtors?

Breach of duty

One of the most common complaints filed against real estate agents revolves around the concept of breach of duty. In this blog, we'll delve into what breach of duty entails, provide examples of actions that could lead to such breaches, and emphasize the potential legal ramifications agents may face.

How do I find the present value of my property?

How Can I Determine The Value Of My Home?

  1. Use Online Home Valuation Tools. One of the easiest ways to estimate the value of your home is by using an online home valuation tool.
  2. Hire A Professional Appraiser.
  3. Consult A REALTOR®
  4. Pull 'Comps' On Similar Properties.

What is an ethical violation in real estate?

Real Estate and Ethical Standards

Real estate professionals must abide by ethical standards to avoid discrimination in real estate transactions. For example, a real estate agent that puts the wrong facts on a listing is acting unethically. Intentionally misstating a material fact regarding a property is fraud.

How accurate is Zillow Zestimate?

The nationwide median error rate for the Zestimate for on-market homes is 2.4%, while the Zestimate for off-market homes has a median error rate of 7.49%.

How do I report a real estate broker in NY?

To check if your real estate agent is licensed or to report a complaint, visit or call (518) 474-4429. To become a licensed real estate salesperson, an individual must take specific coursework and pass an exam on New York real estate law and practice.

How do you calculate present value today?

How do you calculate PV?

  1. The formula for PV looks like this:
  2. PV = FV/(1+r)n.
  3. The explanation for each element is:
  4. PV = the present value in today's money FV = the projected future value of the money r = the expected rate of return, interest rate, or inflation rate.


How do I file a complaint against a property manager in California?
Starting the Complaint Process

The complaint form may be obtained directly from the DRE website ( or by calling the Department's Enforcement Section at (877) 373-4542.

What is the Zillow scandal?
Zillow took a $304 million inventory write-down in the third quarter, which it blamed on having recently purchased homes for prices that are higher than it thinks it can sell them.
What happens when a REALTOR makes a mistake?
If this happens you may have legal options available to you. Misrepresentation, dishonesty, or some other type of failure on the part of a real estate agent can be grounds for filing a small claims lawsuit. Other legal options include filing a complaint with the appropriate state licensing agency.
Is Zillow Zestimate or Redfin more accurate?
Redfin is more accurate when valuing homes.

Both Zillow and Redfin give homes an approximate value, but the Zestimate provided by Zillow has proven slightly less accurate than Redfin's estimate. Final numbers depend significantly on the local market and demand for a property in your particular location.

Are property tax records public in Wisconsin?
Under Wisconsin law these records are public information. This site will be expanded as additional property tax processes are implemented into IPAS. The initial public access focus is the creation of a statewide database of Real Estate Transfer Returns (RETR).
What is the app for house value?
Zillow Real Estate & Rentals 4+
How do I find my Illinois property tax pin?
Your PIN can also be found on:

  1. Your property's deed.
  2. Your property tax bill.
  3. Your Assessment Notice - the blue card that the Assessment Office sends property owners each year as notification of new assessment of property.
What is it called when you sell houses?
A Realtor is a licensed real estate agent or broker (or other real estate professional) who is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).
What does pin stand for in real estate?
Property Index Number

PIN stands for Property Index Number, and knowing your PIN is important to protecting your money and the real estate that you own. Property taxes may be paid by current or past owners, a title company, a mortgage company, a lease-holder, a co-op, a tax buyer or a combination of parties.

What does contingent mean in real estate?
“depending on certain circumstances

What Does Contingent Mean In Real Estate? Contingent means “depending on certain circumstances.” In real estate, when a house is listed as contingent, it means that an offer has been made and accepted, but before the deal is complete, some additional criteria must be met.

What is my PIN number Cook County?
Your 14-digit Property Index Number (PIN) is printed on your tax bill, your property closing documents and deed, and notices from the Assessor's office (such as your assessment notice).
What are the best apps to find homes for sale?
The 6 Best Home Buying Apps of 2023

  • Best Overall: Zillow.
  • Best for Buying at Auction: Xome Real Estate Auctions.
  • Best Searchability: Trulia.
  • Best Realtor Options: Homesnap.
  • Most Reliable:
  • Best Value: Redfin.
How do I look up property records in Wisconsin?
Wisconsin Real Estate Records (Tax, By Address, By Name).

  1. Office of the Register of Deeds. Web –
  2. Tapestry. Web –
  3. Laredo Land Records Document Search Engine. Web –
  4. Wisconsin Property Sales Information.
What does the Maryland real estate Commission do?
The Commission was created to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public through examination, licensing, and regulatory activities, to uphold and apply the governing real estate laws and regulations equally to all, to provide courteous, reasonable, and professional assistance, and to impartially conduct ...
Which applies if an applicant is discovered to have cheated on their state examination for real estate license?
496. A board may deny, suspend, revoke, or otherwise restrict a license on the ground that an applicant or licensee has violated Section 123 pertaining to subversion of licensing examinations. 10153.01 (a). No person shall cheat on, subvert, or attempt to subvert a licensing examination given by the department.
What are the duties and powers of the Commission in Maryland real estate?
The Maryland Real Estate Commission is the government entity that oversees licensing, requirements, and regulations relating to real estate professionals. Its main purpose is to ensure the public and clients are treated honestly and fairly.
What is the purpose of the closing statement Chapter 14?
The purpose of a closing statement is to summarize the transaction. The sales contract negotiated between the seller and buyer controls all aspects of the closing. Virtually every item in a closing is subject to negotiation and all costs and charges will be allocated on the basis of that negotiation.
Which of these is not a power of the Maryland real estate Commission?
Topic: Ethics Subtopic: General Ethics The commission does not have the authority to sanction licensees for violations of the Maryland Code of Ethics. The commission may reprimand and impose fines, but may not suspend or revoke licenses.
Who is exempt from the Florida real estate exam?
Exemptions from education requirements:

Real Estate Majors: Applicants for both the sales associate and broker license are exempt from the pre-license course requirement if they hold a four-year (or higher) degree in real estate.

Which of the following is not cause for the Maryland real estate Commission to summarily suspend a licensee's real estate license?
" Which of the following is NOT cause for the Maryland Real Estate Commission to summarily suspend a licensee's real estate license?" The licensee fails to disclose personal interest in a transaction.
Why was the Frec created?
The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) aims to protect the public by educating and regulating real estate licensees. The commission has seven members who the governor chooses and the Senate confirms.
What is the primary responsibility of the real estate Commissioner?
The Commissioner's Role

To facilitate the administration and enforcement of the Real Estate Law and the Subdivided Lands Law, the Commissioner is empowered by law to issue regulations. Known as the Regulations of the Real Estate Commissioner, these have the force and effect of law.

Is cheating a civil offense?
No, adultery is not currently a civil tort in California. In the past, there were laws that allowed people to sue for infidelity. Many states also used to criminalize adultery.
How do I get MLS access in California?
Any California licensed real estate broker, agent, or appraiser may submit an application to become a participant or subscriber in the KCBOR MLS.
What are the rules for rent-to-own in Florida?
Florida law requires that any rent-to-own contract be in writing and signed by both parties. It must include all essential terms before it is signed, and a copy of the signed contract must be delivered to you.
How do I access MLS in Florida?
In addition, MLS Advantage is rich in functionality and integrated with other applications. Members access MLSAdvantage via a link on their MLS website. Additionally, it can be accessed via the Florida Realtors website. Only members of associations whose MLS participates in MLSAdvantage will see the link.
What is the main reason to avoid renting to own?
Explanation: The main reason to avoid renting to own is that you will pay much more than the cost of the item in a short period of time.
What does MLS stand for in real estate?
Multiple Listing Service

Multiple Listing Service (MLS): What Is It

An MLS is a private offer of cooperation and compensation by listing brokers to other real estate brokers. In the late 1800s, real estate brokers regularly gathered at the offices of their local associations to share information about properties they were trying to sell.

How do I decide between renting and selling?
If you're wondering whether to sell your house or rent it out, there's a few things to consider.

  1. What are the Rental Prices in the Area?
  2. Do You Need the Equity From Your Current Home?
  3. What is the Market Like in Your Area?
  4. Will You Live in the House Again?
  5. Do You Have the Time and Money to Be a Landlord?
Does MLS have an API?
MLS API makes it possible to make data calls for MLS listings automatically, and integrate this feed on any platform. With this solution, you have the power to control the complete integration of your IDX, from search functionality and design to the platform you want to use.
How do I sell my house by owner in Florida?
Here are 6 steps to sell a house by owner in Florida:

  1. Prepare your home for sale.
  2. Set a price.
  3. List your home.
  4. Show your home.
  5. Negotiate the best price.
  6. Close.
How do I access local MLS?
The MLS is a private database that's only accessible by licensed real estate agents and brokers. The best way for access to up-to-date active MLS listings in your area is through partnering with a local real estate agent.
Does Florida have a rent-to-own program?
In the beautiful state of Florida, finding a home that's just right for you doesn't have to be a distant dream. With an array of rent-to-own programs available, owning a home is now more achievable than you might think.
What is the best site to find a real estate agent? is the official website of The National Association of Realtors (NAR). It is where you can find a real estate agent vetted and verified by a professional organization. These agents will have to follow a code of ethics to become members, and they will have qualified through the NAR.
What are the three most important things in real estate as an agent?
I believe the three most important things when it comes to real estate are "location, timing, and circumstances," and here's why.
How can I look good as a real estate agent?
Maintain a Professional Appearance

A real estate agent is a professional career, and your attire should reflect this level of accomplishment and expertise. Traditional options include dress pants or slacks, blazers, cardigans, and blouses or shirts. Unless you work in a farm community, reserve jeans for free time.

What are the three areas the real estate professional is expected to have expert knowledge?
Real estate professionals provide expert information in three areas: knowledge of property transfer, knowledge of market conditions, and knowledge of how to market real estate or businesses.
Which realtor app has the most listings?

Zillow: The best overall. Zillow has the most property listings and loads of features to refine your search. It also has the most web traffic of any real estate app, making it a great choice for people looking to get high exposure to their properties.

What makes a real estate broker successful?
A good real estate agent doesn't just sell properties—they sell themselves. It's important to show your real personality. People will respond to you if you have a great attitude, are personable and honest, have confidence in your abilities, and are interested in helping them and others.
What personality type is a real estate agent?
This examination can prove advantageous as a real estate agent because it indicates how to best use your personality strengths in your workplace. Most real estate agents are associated with the ENTP personality. ENTP stands for extraversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving.
What are the requirements to be a broker in Texas?
  • Complete 270-hours of approved pre-licensing education. Successfully complete 270 clock hours of approved Pre-Licensing Affiliate Broker courses.
  • Pass the course final exams.
  • Meet the Experience Requirements.
  • Complete your license application.
  • Provide fingerprints.
  • Pass the Texas Real Estate Broker Licensing Exam.
What is the best app to look at land for sale?
Hear this out loudPauseWhat is the best app for finding property? There isn't a single best app for finding property, but Zillow, RedFin, and have very big databases—and it's free to search on these platforms. Zillow does have the most properties listed overall, though.
What are the 4 P's of real estate?
The 4 Ps of Real Estate Marketing

  • Product. As a realtor, your product isn't just real estate — it's the unique characteristics of the real estate that will appeal to buyers.
  • Promotion.
  • Price.
  • Place.
How do I find land for sale in the US?
Hear this out loudPauseThe most common place to see lots for sale is the multiple listing service (MLS). Real estate agents use the MLS to post their lots for sale, which creates a database of properties available.
What is a real estate website?
An electronic version of the real estate industry, Internet real estate is the concept of publishing housing estates for sale or rent online, and for consumers seeking to buy or rent properties through such platforms. Often, Internet real estate properties are listed and managed by landlords themselves.
How do you market a land listing?
11 Creative Marketing Ideas to Sell Land

  1. Promote your listing on social media.
  2. Create a video or virtual tour.
  3. Place flyers at local businesses.
  4. Create a Pinterest board.
  5. Contact builders with projects in the area.
  6. Host a barbeque or party for neighbors.
  7. Offer owner financing.
  8. Auction the property on eBay.
Who owns Yahoo News?
Verizon Communications

Yahoo! (/ˈjɑːhuː/, styled yahoo! in its logo) is an American web services provider. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and operated by the namesake company Yahoo! Inc., which is 90% owned by investment funds managed by Apollo Global Management and 10% by Verizon Communications.

How much does land cost in Oklahoma?
Hear this out loudPauseWith tens of thousands of properties and rural land for sale in the state, LandWatch has a total of 441,080 acres of land for sale in Oklahoma. The average price of land listings and ranches for sale in Oklahoma is $406,817.
What does contingent mean on Zillow?
A property listed as contingent means the seller has accepted an offer, but they've chosen to keep the listing active in case certain contingencies aren't met by the prospective buyer. If a property is pending, the provisions on a contingent property were successfully met and the sale is being processed.
Is LandGlide accurate?
Hear this out loudPauseHow accurate are the parcel lines in LandGlide®? The parcel lines within our database are fairly accurate. The property lines are not intended to represent actual recently surveyed property lines and are not recommended to use for legal purposes.
Is Zillow only for us?
Zillow offers Zestimates—estimated market value for an individual property—and lists properties in both the U.S. and Canada.
Bill guerras course how to talk with real estate sellers
Laugh and Learn with Superior's Real Estate Continuing Education. Our exceptional instructors, led by award-winning industry veteran Bill Gallagher, deliver a 
What type of website is a real estate website?
Marketplaces are platforms where buyers and sellers can connect to buy and sell real estate property. They list properties, their prices, descriptions, images, and other details. Real estate marketplaces are popular because they allow buyers to find a property without needing agents or real estate professionals.
Why does Zillow not have all listings?
Just because a home is listed for sale doesn't mean it will be listed on Zillow. First, there could be a lag in the MLS updates. The seller's agent could put up the For Sale sign before the property goes live on the MLS. It could take a few hours for Zillow to pull from the MLS feed to update its listings.
What is the redemption period in Wisconsin?
The lender will specify in the complaint which redemption period will apply to your situation. The period is usually 6 months if the lender agrees to waive its right to a deficiency judgment, which is the right to sue you for the difference between the sale price of the house and the amount you owe on the loan.
How do I optimize my listing on Zillow?
Another way to optimize your listing is by adding a video walkthrough, which you can record and publish for free using the Premier Agent app. Adding a video walkthrough to your listing boosts the views it will garner on, which helps you find an interested buyer more quickly.
What does a typical mortgage timeline look like?
Summary: Average Timeline for Closing

Milestone Time to Complete
Appraisal 1-2 weeks for completion
Underwriting 1 to 3 days for initial review
Conditional Approval 1 to 2 weeks for additional underwriting review and clearing of conditions
Cleared to Close 3 day mandated minimum for acknowledging Closing Disclosure
Why are old photos still showing on Zillow?
It is typical for pictures of your home to still be available on Zillow even after you have sold the property. Zillow relies on public records and third-party data sources to populate its database with listing information, including photos.
When can a bank start foreclosure in Wisconsin?
When Will a Foreclosure Start? Under federal mortgage servicing laws, the servicer typically must wait until the mortgage obligation is more than 120 days overdue before starting a foreclosure. This waiting period gives the borrower time to apply for loss mitigation, like a modification.
How do I clear my Zillow search history?
To delete or manage a saved search:

  1. Log in to your Zillow profile.
  2. Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Select Saved searches from the drop-down menu.
  4. You can select Edit to the right of each of the Saved Searches you wish to update.
What is the timeline after mortgage offer?
Exchange contracts: 1-2 months

From your mortgage lender's point of view, you could exchange contracts anytime after your mortgage offer's come in. That said, most people will still need to wait around 1-2 months before they exchange. We know what you're thinking: 'More waiting?!

Why is a home hidden on Zillow?
Now available on the Zillow app, the "hide homes" tool makes the shopping experience faster, simpler and easier by allowing users to press a button on the home listing page that prevents the home from showing up in future search results. Users can also bring back a property if they change their mind.
What is the right of redemption foreclosure in Wisconsin?
Wisconsin Redemption Period

The right of redemption, also known as the redemption period, can vary slightly in Wisconsin. All redemption periods start when the judgment of foreclosure is entered. Typically, if it is a residential property, you have six months to try and arrange to keep your home.

Can I use my Massachusetts real estate license in Florida?
Florida. No license reciprocity with Massachusetts. An Applicant must apply for an Education Waiver for Florida real estate reciprocity, which allows the Applicant to take the entire Real Estate examination at the level of licensure in the other State without completing Massachusetts pre-licensure education.
Who is the most successful real estate agent in America?
Ben Caballero
Top Agents in the United States – Individuals By Volume

Rank – National Volume Full Name Volume
1 Ben Caballero $3,060,878,784
2 Jay Kendall $2,156,880,700
3 Ralph Harvey $998,841,167
4 Drew Fenton $977,645,000
What states have reciprocity with Massachusetts real estate?
Massachusetts has reciprocal relationships with the following states: Connecticut, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Nebraska, Iowa, Tennessee, Mississippi, Colorado, Georgia, Pennsylvania and New Mexico.
Which real estate company is the best to work for?
Best Real Estate Companies to Work for in 2023

Brokerage Best For
eXp Realty Best overall, featuring an agent-forward virtual approach
Keller Williams Building a team
RE/MAX High-performing, established agents
Coldwell Banker New agents
Does Florida accept out of state real estate license?
If you already hold a real estate license from another state, you have few options to obtain your real estate license in Florida. Florida has mutual recognition with 10 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Rhode Island and West Virginia.
How to find a real estate broker nyc?
Search for an agent on StreetEasy.

That will be a good indicator of their activity in the market. You can also check out their profile and determine professionalism. Search for apartments that appeal to you and then narrow your list to agents who specialize in the neighborhood and inventory you want.

How long does it take to get real estate license in MA?
This entire process typically takes between 1 to 6 months depending on whether you take classes full-time or part-time, and how long you spend studying for the license test. These steps cover how you get a real estate salesperson's license in MA (more on what this means in a second).
Who is the largest real estate broker in the world?
The largest real estate company in the world is Keller Williams Realty, with a revenue of $381.4 billion. As of 2023, the global real estate industry has a market size of $4.4 trillion.
How do I get a reciprocity for my Florida real estate license?
How to get Florida real estate license reciprocity

  1. You must meet the general Florida standards for applicants.
  2. You must pass the 40-question Florida laws portion of the state real estate exam with a grade of at least 30 points.
How much do the top 1 of realtors make?
Each real estate office sets its own standards for top producers, but it's safe to say that a top producer would have to sell at least one home per month to qualify. Top producers earn around $112,610 a year to start, according to the BLS. 1 Mega-stars could earn $500,000 per year and up.
Which of the following is not one of the central challenges facing the online retail industry?
Lack of physical store presence is not one of the central challenges facing the online retail industry.
What is the hardest part of being a real estate agent?
Long Hours

One of the toughest parts of the job is that long hours can be a significant challenge for real estate agents –– whether a new agent just starting in the business or an experienced agent. And to grow a successful business and meet the need of clients, realtors often need to work well beyond the typical 9-5.

Which of the following are advantages of online retailers?
What are the advantages of e-commerce?

  • Reduced overhead costs. Running an e-commerce store is a lot more cost-effective than running a physical store.
  • No need for a physical storefront.
  • Ability to reach a broader audience.
  • Scalability.
  • Track logistics.
Is it unethical to work with more than one real estate agent?
Ethical concerns

Buyer's agents only receive their commission when they close on a deal. Working with multiple agents means that whichever one doesn't close on a house with you misses out on their compensation. “Simply put, you're asking one of the agents to work for free, and that is wrong,” says Capozzolo.

Which of the following type of online content does the highest percentage of internet users purchase or view online?
Music and software are the most common kinds of content purchased. Nearly two-thirds of internet users – 65% – have paid to download or access some kind of online content from the internet, ranging from music to games to news articles.
What are the three things that matter in real estate?
No soap. On to The Yale Book of Quotations, which often breaks fresh ground, to find an American source: The Van Nuys (Calif.) News said the three most important things about real estate were location, location, location in its issue of June 10, 1956.
Which of the following has the second highest share of online retail sales?
Market share of leading retail e-commerce companies in the United States as of June 2022

Characteristic Share of retail e-commerce sales
Amazon 37.8%
Walmart 6.3%
Apple 3.9%
eBay 3.5%
What are the cons of being a real estate agent?
One of the biggest cons of this job is the amount of patience it requires. It may take a new real estate agent months to find their first client or close their deal. There is a lot of work that agents do before they ever see the profits, such as prospecting, advertising, and conducting open houses.
What are the disadvantages of online retailing to businesses?
Disadvantages of eCommerce

  • Customers have concerns about privacy and security. Some consumers are still wary about giving out personal information, especially credit and debit cards, to online sources.
  • Lack of in-store engagement with customers.
  • The added cost of operating an online store.
What scares a real estate agent the most?
How Real Estate Agents Can Overcome Fear and Self-doubt

  • Talking to New People. Some real estate agents have a knack for connecting with strangers; others experience anxiety and dread every time they make a cold call.
  • Fear of Rejection.
  • Empty Open Houses.
  • Unfair Criticism.
  • Being Too Busy.
Which real estate company pays the most commission?
DALLAS, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Research released this week unveiled that United Real Estate (United) pays its agents more than any other national brokerage – 96% of total gross commission earned.
What do I need to do to sell my house in Florida?
Selling a House in Florida: Everything You Need to Know

  1. Find the right Florida real estate agent.
  2. Decide when to sell.
  3. Price your Florida home.
  4. Prepare, market, and show your home.
  5. Field offers and make counteroffers.
  6. Get an inspection and appraisal.
  7. Submit paperwork and required Florida disclosures.
  8. Close your home sale.
Which is the biggest estate agent?
Post navigation

Rank Estate Agency Group Available Properties
1 Connells 19,294
2 Countrywide 17,143
3 Purplebricks (Hybrid/ Online) 16,284
4 LSL 8,351
What is the best way to advertise your property?
Utilize popular real estate websites, social media platforms, and email marketing to reach a wide audience. Consider using video tours or 3D virtual tours to provide an immersive experience for potential buyers. Collaborate with your real estate agent to implement effective online marketing strategies.
Where are the highest paid realtors?
Real estate agents in high cost of living cities such as New York and San Francisco tend to be the highest earners.
Can you sell a house as is in Minnesota?
Yes, you can sell your house as is for cash in Minnesota. They list their homes on cash marketplaces like Houzeo and Sundae. Additionally, sellers can market their homes to institutional cash buyers. Selling property as-is in Minnesota to cash buyers will fetch you low ball offers up to 50% of the Fair Market Value.
What city do realtors make the most money?
The Top 10 Highest Paying Cities For Real Estate Agents

State Salary
San Francisco $97,047
Santa Rosa, Calif. $93,299
Seattle $89,995
Boston $89,553
Do you need a realtor to sell a house in Florida?
Can I sell my house without a Realtor legally in Florida? Yes — there's no legal requirement to hire a real estate agent to sell your home in Florida. However, agents can provide valuable expertise that could save you both time and money, so it's worth considering.
What percentage do most realtors charge?
Nowadays, real estate commissions can be negotiated, and they typically run about 5 percent to 6 percent of a home's sale price. The exact terms of an agent's commission vary from sale to sale, and can depend on the region and which firm they work for.
How much tax do I have to pay if I sell my house in Florida?
The long-term capital gains tax rate is 0%, 15%, or 20%, depending on the amount of the gain.
Can tax assessor enter my property in Georgia?
Entry onto the property without explicit permission will be limited to what is legally known as the curtilage, which is the land and yard immediately surrounding your house. An assessor will not enter your house or dwelling unless they have specific permission.
What does network mean in real estate?
Real estate agent networks connect home buyers and sellers to affiliated local real estate agents.
Can assessor come on my property without permission in Michigan?
The Michigan State Tax Commission guides assessors with rules that have been upheld in court. If you ask an assessor to leave your property, they must honor that. Assessors are not to peer into your windows. If you say no to an inspection, they are not allowed to penalize you by jacking up your assessment.
What is the largest real estate portal in the US? ranked number 1 and is the most visited Real Estate website in United States in September 2023, followed by as the runner up, and ranking at 3rd place as the leaders of the Real Estate websites in United States.

Where to report real estate frot

What is the most homes sold in a year by a realtor? Realtor Tells Us How He Sold a Record-Setting 3,556 Homes in One Year. The Guinness World Records recognizes all kinds of superlatives, from the largest pizza (13,580.28 square feet) to the fastest hovercraft (85.38 mph).
Who is the best real estate broker in the US? Reviews: America's 10 Top Real Estate Brokers

  • Daniel Demers, Sell Your Home Services: Best Overall.
  • Steven Shane, Compass: Best for In-Person Support.
  • Roger Pettingell, Coldwell Banker: Unmatched Marketing Expertise.
  • Serena Boardman, Sotheby's International Realty: Best for Luxury Homes.
Who sold the most real estate? Ben Caballero

1-ranked individual real estate agent in the U.S. Ben Caballero set a new record for home sales last year. He individually sold 6,438 homes worth more than $2.46 billion in 2020. A new home sales expert who works directly with 60-plus builders in Houston, Dallas-Ft.

What is the purpose of the National Association of Realtors quizlet? The purpose of the National Association of REALTORS® is to. Keep members up to date on current housing trends, legal issues, and brokerage business practices.
Who are the top realtors in Los Angeles County? Top Agent Magazine Los Angeles has featured Top Agents Valerie Fitzgerald, Josh Flagg, Sally Forster Jones, Lydia Simon, Ernie Carswell, Aaron Kirman, Jade Mills, Ben Bacal, Mauricio Umansky, and Marc & Rory Shevin – to name a few.
How do I get a real estate network? How To Build a Network in Real Estate

  1. Attend Real Estate Networking Events to Meet Other Agents.
  2. Host Your Own Networking Events.
  3. Develop Business Partnerships.
  4. Form a Team of Experts From Related Fields.
  5. Do Your Networking on Social Media.
  6. Network With Out-of-town Agents.
  7. Network With Other Agents in Town.
Who are the top agents in Los Angeles? 10 Top Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles by Sales Transactions

  • Cherrie Z. NextHome Real Estate Rockstars.
  • Neal W. RE/MAX Of Valencia.
  • Melinda E. Century 21 Masters.
  • Marni J. Grove Realty.
  • Karen A. Keller Williams - L.A. Harbor.
  • Andrew D. Equity Union Real Estate.
  • Dennis C. The Agency Sherman Oaks.
  • Joshua H. Compass.
What is a two house property called? A duplex house plan has two living units attached to each other, either next to each other as townhouses, condominiums or above each other like apartments.
What is the MLS real estate quizlet? Multiple Listing Service. A service among firms that facilitates cooperation and compensation between listing firms, subagents and buyer's firms. MLS will often have standard compensation sharing policies for all members. Members agree to share/place all listings with MLS and to terms/conditions.
What does it mean if a house has more than one unit? A multifamily home is any residential property containing more than one housing unit. A duplex, townhome or apartment complex is a good example of a multifamily home. If a property owner chooses to live in one of their multifamily units, it's considered an owner-occupied property.
What does MLS stand for real estate? Multiple listing services

Multiple listing services (MLS databases) are created and maintained by cooperating real estate professionals to share information about properties on the market. This data usually includes details such as the listing price, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and other similar data points relevant to potential buyers.

What is dual property? A dual income property (sometimes also called 'dual-key') is one that has two rental streams under the one roof. Usually, these are either a 3 or 4 bed unit, accompanied by another full self-contained 1 or 2 bed unit, with a separate entrance.
Which of the following is considered the most popular real estate brokerage website? Real Estate Website Statistics (Editor's Picks)

Website Monthly Visitors
Redfin 10,188,869
Movoto 6,998,761 6,011,590
Remax 5,963,444
What does double property mean? The explanation of the "Double" property indicates that "A weapon with the double property functions as if you are wielding two separate weapons. A damage value in parentheses appears with the property—the damage when the weapon is used with two-weapon fighting."
What is the meaning of MLS number? An MLS number is essentially a serial number for each property on the market. It was created to make it easier to differentiate properties and find properties quickly.
What is it called when there are two houses on one lot? Duplex/Triplex

The term duplex refers to two units or homes that are connected either via a common wall, ceiling or floor. A triplex has three. Each home in a duplex or triplex has its own entrance.

What is MLS vs Zillow? While Zillow has 50-80 fields of information and pictures about the properties, an average MLS has more than 300. That means Zillow provides limited information about a property. In contrast, an MLS includes all the market times, listing information, photos, unsuccessful listings that date 10 to 20 years back.
How many houses do most real estate agents sell? According to NAR, the average Realtor completes a median of 12 residential transactions annually. However, it's important to keep in mind that this doesn't necessarily indicate how many houses the average Realtor sells. A completed transaction can mean the agent assisted on either the buyer's or seller's side.
What is the difference between an agent and a broker in Oregon? In Oregon, anyone who is licensed to sell homes or represent buyers is called a broker. A principal broker is responsible for all the other brokers in their office. A seller agent represents the seller only, while a buyer agent represents the buyer only.
What percentage do most real estate agents get? While realtor commission fees vary regionally, the average seller can expect to pay between 4.45% to 6.34% of the home's final sale price, according to our research. The U.S. average is currently 5.37%. The listing agent usually receives 2.72% of the proceeds.
How many days do Oregon real estate brokers have to submit paperwork to their principal real estate broker? (2) When a real estate broker receives any document referred to in (1) of this rule, the real estate broker must transmit to the real estate broker's principal broker the document within 3 banking days of real estate broker's receipt of the document.
How many licensed realtors are in California? There are 437,806 real estate licensees in California as of December 2022.
Who is responsible for maintaining and storing complete and accurate records of professional real estate activity? The broker will need to maintain complex trust account records and make regular reports to the owner. The maintenance of an adequate trust fund accounting system is necessary due to the fiduciary relationship between the real estate broker and the property owner.
How many houses do you need to sell to make 100k? How many houses does an agent have to sell to make $100,000 a year? If you are selling $100,000 houses and paying 40 percent of your commission to your broker you would have to sell over 50 houses a year to gross $100,000 a year. That is a lot of houses to sell, especially for a new agent.
Who is responsible for supervising licensed real estate brokers in Oregon? Supervising principal broker

Authorization to Control Principal Broker's Business

(b) The supervising principal broker accepts the supervising responsibility in writing. (2) Both licensees have joint responsibility for all professional real estate activity conducted during the authorizing principal broker's absence.

Where is the cheapest place to rent a beach house? As far as Airbnb rates go, Port Arthur, Texas has the cheapest average rate at around $95 per night followed by Eureka, California, at $138, and Melbourne, Florida, at $126. Other top affordable beach hotspots include Wilmington, North Carolina, at $142 and Long Beach, California, at $149.
Why a broker is better than an agent? The main difference between an agent and broker is the number of responsibilities they're able to take on. A broker can do everything an agent can do, but they have the added responsibility of making sure all real estate transactions are lawful, all paperwork is accurately completed and all finances are accounted for.
What do people look for when renting a beach house? Some questions you might want to ask about location include how close it is to the beach (and whether there is a sea view), what kinds of public transportation or parking options there are, and how far it is from other activities and attractions.
How do you open a lockbox without the code? This is the simplest method you can use to open a lock box without a key or code. Place a crowbar or a pry bar between the door and frame of your lock box, then press down to force it open. Using any cutting tool, preferably an angle grinder, you can open a lock box by cutting the locking mechanism.
How much does it cost to rent a house in Nags Head NC? Houses in Nags Head, NC rent between $1,400 - $2,400 with a median rent of $1,900.
What is the purpose of a realtor lock box? A real-estate lock box is a padlock-shaped box that generally hangs around the doorknob of a house that is on the market. The device holds the keys to a house to allow communal access for all real estate agents, while continuing to keep them secure.
Where is the best place to rent a beach house in the Caribbean? If you're wondering which islands have the best Caribbean beachfront villas for rent, you might consider vacationing in St Barths, Turks and Caicos, Anguilla and Grand Cayman for the variety and selection of beachfront villas, and for the easy access to lovely beaches.
How do you open a realtor box? Button. And then you're going to enter the four digit. Code. And then this black button will open it up and it comes apart. Once you're done you put the code back in you open it you lock it back up.
What state has the cheapest oceanfront property? Top 10 list of most affordable US beach towns for homebuyers in...

  • Gulfport, Mississippi. Median price within 1 mile of a beach: $224,900.
  • Newport News, Virginia.
  • New London, Connecticut.
  • Grand Isle, Louisiana.
  • Corpus Christi, Texas.
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  • Navarre, FL.
  • Crescent City, California.
Do realtors ever give out a lockbox combination to their clients so they can view a home without the realtor? Yes, there are many instances of brokers giving lockbox access to their clients so they can view a home without the broker (realtor).
Is Redx worth it? Is REDX Right for You or Your Business? REDX is likely the best choice for newer agents who are hungry enough to try looking for leads in new places. The leads you get from REDX might not be interested in your services—in fact, they may be downright opposed to using a realtor altogether.
How do I reset my realtor lock box? You'll see the arrows here follow the arrow we're gonna push the tab over to the right and up. Here we go okay and now I'm able to change the code to whatever I want so I'm gonna change it here.
What makes Redfin different from Zillow? In a nutshell, Redfin is a real estate brokerage as well as an iBuyer (instant home buyer) that purchases homes directly from sellers in select states. Zillow is an online real estate marketplace where people can browse listings and connect with agents who advertise on the site.
Which of the following is an example of real estate trade organization? The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®) is a trade organization for the residential property management industry. The Association provides professional designation and certificates, educational programs, and advocacy.
How accurate are Redfin estimates? The Redfin Estimate is highly accurate, with a current median error rate of just 2.08% for homes that are for sale, and 6.49% for off market homes. This means that when a home that is currently on the market sells, the Redfin Estimate will be within 2.08% of the sales price half of the time.
Which of the following is a name of a national trade association for real estate licensees who pay dues and agree to abide by a code of ethics? The National Association of REALTORS® was founded as the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges on May 12, 1908 in Chicago.
What is Redfins business model? Redfin Business Model

Redfin uses technology to optimize the experience of buying and selling a home via their online discount real estate brokerage. They charge a listing fee for homes sold through their web platform, which is a major source of their revenue.

Which of the following types of real estate companies would not be granted a company license? Licensees should treat all clients the same. Which of the following types of real estate companies would NOT be granted a company license? The answer is a partnership or a corporation with only licensed salespeople. A company must have a qualifying broker to engage in real estate activities.
Does Redx give leads? Leads. Looking for quality leads? REDX gives you more than just phone numbers. We connect you with homeowners who are actively looking to sell.
Which of these guidelines is not part of the IRS safe harbor test? Which of these guidelines is not part of the IRS safe harbor test? Income must be based on sales input.
Is it expensive to rent in Montana? Rent in Montana is 12% lower than the national median.
What are examples of trade organizations? Issue Areas

  • World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
  • Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  • OECD.
What is Montana rent? A one bedroom apartment in Billings, Montana costs $625. A two bedroom apartment in Billings costs $900. A one bedroom apartment in Great Falls, Montana costs $1,200. A two bedroom apartment in Great Falls costs $1,100. A one bedroom apartment in Butte-Silver Bow, Montana costs $750.
What do we call an agent who represents a seller exclusively in a real estate transaction? The term “agency” is used in real estate to help determine what legal responsibilities your real estate professional owes to you and other parties in the transaction. The seller's representative (also known as a listing agent or seller's agent) is hired by and represents the seller.
What salary do you need to live comfortably in Montana? About $45,000

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Montana? You need about $45,000 to live comfortably in Montana. This number is based on the cost of basic expenses, including rent, utilities, healthcare, transportation, and clothing.

What is an exclusive brokerage listing? An exclusive listing is a type of real estate listing agreement in which a single broker is appointed as the seller's sole agent. In an exclusive agency listing, the seller retains the right to sell the property, with no obligation to the broker.
Is Montana the cheapest state to live in? Average Cost of Living in Montana: $47,887 per year

Take a good look at your monthly budget if you're planning a move to Montana. According to MERIC data in 2022, Montana ranks 35th when it comes to cost of living. That means Montana is more expensive to live in than over half of the country.

What do we call an agent who represents a seller exclusively in a real estate transaction quizlet? Broker's agent. Assigned agent. Buyer's agent. What do we call an agent who represents a seller exclusively in a real estate transaction? Exclusive agent.
How much money do you need to live comfortably in Montana? Average Cost of Living in Montana: $47,887 per year

Take a good look at your monthly budget if you're planning a move to Montana. According to MERIC data in 2022, Montana ranks 35th when it comes to cost of living. That means Montana is more expensive to live in than over half of the country.

Which type of agency role is the most common one for a real estate salesperson? Special agent

A real estate broker or salesperson operates as a special agent which is the type of agent that is most common for a real estate salesperson or broker to be. The special agent is one who is only granted limited authority to act on behalf of the principal.

Which characteristic does not describe the real estate market quizlet? Good market indicators include data regarding price levels and building permits issued, vacancy rates, and sales volume. Which characteristic does NOT describe the real estate market? Land is homogeneous.
What is the difference between exclusive agency and exclusive right to sell? Exclusive right to sell vs exclusive agency

With the exclusive right to sell, the agent and their brokerage make a commission no matter who finds the buyer. With an exclusive agency agreement, on the other hand, you retain the right to market and sell to a buyer yourself without paying a commission to the agent.

Which characteristic is not a physical characteristic of real estate? Which characteristic is NOT a physical characteristic of real estate? The answer is the market is slow to respond to change in supply and demand. The market is slow to respond to change in supply and demand is an economic characteristic of real estate.
Who controls the Internet site www realtor com?® is operated by News Corp [NASDAQ: NWS, NWSA] [ASX: NWS, NWSLV] subsidiary Move, Inc. under a perpetual license from the National Association of REALTORS®.
What are the characteristics of real estate quizlet? The four economic characteristics of land that affect its value as a product in the marketplace are ? scarcity, improvements, permanence of investment, and area preference. Building an improvement on one parcel of land can affect the land's value and use, as well as that of neighboring tracts and whole communities.
What is a major concern regarding virtual home tours? Question: What is a major concern regarding virtual home tours? Answer: Thieves may use the information to their advantage. Question: What is another term give to a property flyer? Question: What is the best suggestion to give a seller if an interested party shows up at their front door unannounced?
What is an important economic characteristic of real estate? Location- Real estate location is the most important economic characteristic of the land. This is because people prefer certain geographic areas over others, and these preferences will result in different values for properties in different locations.
Which marketing technique is used to provide information to neighbors? Proximity Mailing

For example, if you're a landscaper, sending your customer's neighbors a postcard marketing the beautiful new yard near them, will get those individuals interested.

Which of the following is the most important characteristic of real estate? Property Location

The adage "location, location, location" is still king and continues to be the most important factor for profitability in real estate investing.

What is a person who conducts activities on behalf of a broker called? An agent is authorized to act on behalf of another person, such as an attorney or a stockbroker. People hire agents to perform tasks that they lack the time or expertise to do for themselves.
How do I write an ad to sell my house? How to Write a Real Estate Listing Description that Sells

  1. Describe the property accurately.
  2. Choose adjectives wisely.
  3. Avoid red flag words.
  4. Include words that add value.
  5. Highlight unique features.
  6. Take notice of punctuation.
  7. Leave out super basic info.
  8. Use great photos.
Who has control of the Internet? No one person, company, organization or government runs the Internet. It is a globally distributed network comprising many voluntarily interconnected autonomous networks.
How do I market my home for sale on social media? Real Estate Social Media Marketing

  1. Promote the town, not just the house.
  2. Be yourself.
  3. Educate your buyers.
  4. Chat with your followers.
  5. Respond to comments, good and bad.
  6. Avoid simply shouting about your home listings.
  7. Don't forget video.
  8. Never assume you're only connecting with first-time buyers.
What governs the real estate profession in NH? The Real Estate Commission was established to develop and maintain the ethical, professional and educational standards for the licensure of Salespersons and Brokers in New Hampshire to safeguard the state's citizens by regulating the practice of real estate brokers and salespersons in order to ensure that they meet and
How do I advertise my listing on Zillow? Hover over the Sell tab, found in the navigation menu to the left of the Zillow icon, and click Post For Sale By Owner. Enter your property address and click Continue. On the For Sale By Owner Listing page, set your price, add photos, edit home facts, and input your contact information.
How many members are on the NH real estate Commission? The real estate commission has the duty to administer the rules regulating its own formation. They have five members appointed by the governor for no more than two five-year terms. The members must consist of one real estate salesperson, one attorney, two real estate brokers, and a member of the public.
How do you write a sale ad? Tips for writing a successful garage sale ad:

  1. Include dates and times. It may sound obvious, but people still forget to include sale dates and times in their listings.
  2. Provide an exact address.
  3. State your terms.
  4. Use the right lingo.
  5. Tease your target audience.
  6. Safety first.
  7. Proofread your post.
How many credits do I need to renew my NH real estate license? How Many Credits do I Need to Renew my NH Real Estate License?

  1. One CORE class. This class must be 3 CEUs and must be approved with the NH Real Estate Commission.
  2. 12 elective credits.
  3. You should have a minimum total of 15 credits every two years.
How do you buy a house far away? How To Buy A House Out Of State

  1. Create a plan.
  2. Research the area and cost of living.
  3. Find a real estate agent.
  4. Get your mortgage preapproved.
  5. Ask your agent for virtual tours.
  6. Visit the city and potential homes.
  7. Make an offer.
  8. Get a home inspection and appraisal.
How many days after being convicted of embezzlement must a licensee report the conviction to the NH real estate Commission? Failing to inform the commission in writing within 30 days of being convicted in a court of competent jurisdiction of this or any other state or federal court, of forgery, embezzlement, obtaining money under false pretenses, bribery, larceny, extortion, conspiracy to defraud, or any similar offense or offenses, or an
Is Zillow a good option? Bottom line: Zillow lets you buy, sell, or rent a home; find a real estate agent; and search mortgage options, all in one place. If you only use one real estate app, you can't go wrong with Zillow, whether you're a seasoned real estate buyer or searching for your first home.
What is unethical conduct in real estate? Taking liberties with legal documents. Little white lies on legal paperwork can have devastating consequences. One example of unethical Realtor behavior is tweaking contracts to decrease the purchase price by allocating a portion of this price to personal property rather than a home.
How do you know when to walk away from a real estate deal? Concessions, in real estate, are something granted from the seller to the buyer in the home sale. If the buyer begins asking for concessions such as repairs under $100, landscaping, cosmetic imperfections, or any small nit-picky requests, it could be best to walk away.
Who is the most successful real estate agent in USA? Ben Caballero
Top Agents in the United States – Individuals By Volume

Rank – National Volume Full Name Volume
1 Ben Caballero $3,060,878,784
2 Jay Kendall $2,156,880,700
3 Ralph Harvey $998,841,167
4 Drew Fenton $977,645,000
What does a contingent sale mean? Depending on certain circumstances

Contingent means “depending on certain circumstances.” In real estate, when a house is listed as contingent, it means that an offer has been made and accepted, but before the deal is complete, some additional criteria must be met.

What company sells the most real estate in the world? Largest Real Estate Companies Research Summary

The largest real estate company in the world is Keller Williams Realty, with a revenue of $381.4 billion. As of 2023, the global real estate industry has a market size of $4.4 trillion. Over 5.8 million housing transactions were completed in the U.S. in 2022.

Can you buy a house somewhere you don't live? While it's important to understand that you don't need to move to your new state before applying for the mortgage, you should know that doing so can be a bit more complicated than waiting. If you need to buy a house in another state before moving, just know that you'll have to find a licensed lender in that state.
What are the biggest realtor associations? National Association of Realtors (NAR)

National Association of Realtors (NAR)

National Association of Realtors, being the USA's largest real estate association, has 1.4 million members, consisting of commercial and residential brokers, property managers, counselors, salespeople, and others involved in the real estate industry.

What are the key characteristics of real estate? So the basic characteristics of real estate include scarcity, improvements to the land, permanence, area preference, non-homogeneity, indestructibility and immobility. Please note there is a big difference between land and real estate. Land is the the part of the earths surface, subsurface and air above it.
Is the Oppenheim Group successful? In just a few short years, The Oppenheim Group has achieved significant success, garnering accolades throughout the real estate community and beyond.
What are 4 characteristics of real estate? Real estate has seven specific characteristics related to its economic impact or physical nature. They are scarcity, improvements, location, investment permanence, uniqueness, immobility, and Indestructibility.
Who is the richest realtor in the world? Donald Bren

Donald Bren takes the crown as the wealthiest real estate mogul globally, boasting a staggering net worth of $16.2 billion as of August 2022. His fortune skyrocketed by nearly two billion dollars in just two years.

Who must complete the entire transfer disclosure statement? Note that in this case, “this statement” refers strictly to the text of Section V. To complete the transfer disclosure statement, the buyer, seller, buyer's agent, and listing agent must sign the document. Without all of these signatures, the document is incomplete.
Are property disclosures required in CT? The Uniform Property Condition Disclosure Act (Connecticut General Statutes Section 20-327b) requires the seller of residential property to provide this disclosure to the prospective purchaser prior to the prospective purchaser's execution of any binder, contract to purchase, option or lease containing a purchase ...
What disclosures are required for California real estate? California Real Estate Disclosure Requirements

  • California Transfer Disclosure Statement.
  • California Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement.
  • California Notice of Supplemental Property Tax Bill Disclosure.
  • California Appraisal Discrimination Addendum Disclosure.
Do you have to disclose a death in a house in California? As buyer, you might want to know if someone has died on the property. And California law requires the seller to disclose it if the death occurred within three years of the sell date, according to the California Department of Real Estate.
Who prepares and delivers the transfer disclosure statement? Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement

The seller and any broker(s)/agent(s) involved are to participate in the disclosures. If more than one broker/agent is involved, the broker/agent obtaining the offer is to deliver the disclosures to the prospective buyer unless the seller instructs otherwise.

Why is a real estate agent calling me? Why? Why won't he or she leave you alone? The answer to that is simple: that Realtor or other real estate sales person thinks of you as either a client or a potential client (a prospective client or prospect or a “lead”), so is following up to get your business.
What not to say to your real estate agent?
  • 10: You Won't Settle for a Lower Price. Never tell your agent you won't reduce the sale price on your house.
  • 6: You are Selling the Home Because of a Divorce.
  • 5: You Have to Sell Because of Financial Problems.
  • 2: You're Interested in a Certain Type of Buyer.
  • 1: Anything -- Before You've Signed an Agreement.
Does Keller Williams cold call? The lawsuit alleged agents from Keller Williams had made unsolicited, pre-recorded calls to consumers – including those on a do not call database – without their consent, according to RealTrends. About two million people may be eligible to receive payments of up to US$20 each as part of the settlement.
Why do real estate agents have a bad reputation? The lack of experience among some realtors contributes significantly to the negative reputation. Clients who encounter agents with limited expertise might face inadequate guidance, incorrect information, and ineffective negotiation skills. This lack of proficiency tarnishes the overall perception of the profession.
Why am I getting phone calls about selling my house? Low inventory and high demand have created a seller's market. Investors eager to turn a profit are using cold calls and texts to get their hands on houses. Many of these offers are legitimate, but they probably won't get you top dollar for your home.
  • What is true about the consideration in a valid real estate sales contract?
    • 6. The contract must include consideration. Consideration is anything of legal value that is offered in exchange by one party for something of value from another party. Common forms of consideration include money, property in exchange, or a promise to perform.
  • Which of the following is true of a contract for deed transaction?
    • Which of the following is true of a contract for deed transaction? The vendor conveys legal title at the end of the contract period, provided the vendee has fulfilled all obligations.
  • Which of the following is an essential element of a valid real estate contract?
    • There are four main elements of a valid real estate contract: The party must be the legal age of 18 or older and deemed legally competent. The contract must be legal or hold a legal purpose. A clear and specific consideration must be included in the agreement.
  • Which of the following is an example of commercial real estate?
    • Commercial property includes office buildings, medical centers, hotels, malls, retail stores, multifamily housing buildings, farm land, warehouses, and garages. In many states, residential property containing more than a certain number of units qualifies as commercial property for borrowing and tax purposes.
  • What are valid considerations for a contract?
    • For consideration to be deemed valid, it has to contain some act, payment of money and a promise or abstinence. Therefore, one party needs to make a promise against the promise of the second party. Only then can you have a valid consideration in your contract.
  • Is being a real estate agent in Miami worth it?
    • Working in real estate can be a very attractive opportunity for many people, and Miami is one of the premier real estate markets in the United States, if not the world. Becoming a licensed realtor in Miami can mean luxurious Miami real estate properties, high real estate commissions, and an exciting Miami lifestyle.
  • What is Miami Platinum Plus?
    • MIAMI Platinum PLUS is an exclusive and unparalleled suite of upgraded Realtor products and services, so Realtors can utilize an even higher level of industry tools to improve and expand their business while enhancing the home buying and home selling process for the public.
  • How to get into real estate in Miami?
    • 5 Steps to Get Your Real Estate License in Florida
      1. Step 1: Take the pre-license course.
      2. Step 2: Apply to take the Florida real estate exam.
      3. Step 3: Take and pass the state real estate exam.
      4. Step 4: Affiliate with a broker.
      5. Step 5: Join a local Realtor association/board.
  • How do I join the Florida Association of Realtors?
    • How to Become a Member of Florida Realtors
      1. Have an active Florida real estate license.
      2. Affiliate with a broker.
      3. Join your local real estate board or association and stay current with your dues. That's it! You'll automatically become a member of Florida Realtors.
  • How much do beginner real estate agents make in Miami?
    • Salaries by years of experience in Miami, FL
      Years of experience Per year
      1 to 2 years $73,700
      3 to 5 years -
      6 to 9 years $93,719
      More than 10 years $91,820
  • Why do I keep getting unsolicited offers to buy my house?
    • As real estate markets have tightened in the last few years, unsolicited offers to buy have increased. Real estate agents often employ this tactic after their buyer clients have been consistently outbid or otherwise frustrated by the traditional sales process.
  • Why do people keep asking to buy my house?
    • Low inventory and high demand have created a seller's market. Investors eager to turn a profit are using cold calls and texts to get their hands on houses. Many of these offers are legitimate, but they probably won't get you top dollar for your home.
  • Why are people calling to buy my home?
    • Your home isn't for sale. If you're fielding phone calls, text messages, and postcards from people who want to buy your home — for cash, nonetheless — you're not alone. Investors and buyers on the hunt for real estate deals employ these tactics to find off-market properties.
  • Should you post your house for sale on Facebook?
    • Sharing that your home is for sale via Facebook could help attract the right buyer, perhaps a friend will share your post with another friend currently looking for a house in your neighborhood. Aim to keep your post bare bones, and avoid sharing personal information or excess details about the property.
  • How do I stop unsolicited home offers?
    • Can I stop unsolicited offers to buy my house?
      1. Add your name to the Do Not Call Registry. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) created this database to protect consumers from unwanted sales calls.
      2. Block the numbers texting you.
      3. Remove your information from direct mailing lists.
      4. Ask them to stop.
  • Do I need a permit for a fence in Sarasota County?
    • Fences. Installing a fence? The city of Sarasota requires a landscaping permit for fences, but the county doesn't.
  • What is rsf3 zoning Florida?
    • Zoning Ordinance and Land Development Regulations. (g) RSF-3: Residential Single-Family - Small Lot District. (1) Purpose. The purpose of the Residential Single-Family - Small Lot (RSF-3) District is to provide lands that accommodate primarily single-family detached dwellings at moderate densities.
  • What is a notice of commencement in Sarasota Florida?
    • About Notice of Commencement

      A Notice of Commencement (NOC) is a notarized statement filed with the Clerk and Comptroller, authorizing and detailing work to be performed, the location's legal description, and name and address of individual requesting work.

  • How do I schedule an inspection in Sarasota County?
    • Online Services
      1. Contractor Application for your mobile device: schedule inspections, pay fees, monitor plan review status.
      2. Selectext for inspection scheduling and texted results: 877‑852‑4661.
      3. Inspections Hotline (staffed during normal operating hours): 941‑861‑3271 or 3273.
  • What can a homeowner do without a permit in Florida?
    • Work that does not require a permit is typically cosmetic, such as:
      • Painting*
      • Tile*
      • Floor coverings including carpet, vinyl, wood, and more.
      • Shelving.
      • Cabinet Work.
      • Wall papering.
  • How do you market a property that won't sell?
      1. Lower Your Price. Your first option is to reduce what you're asking for the home.
      2. Spruce Up the House. Another option is to update your house.
      3. Rent It Out. You can also rent out the property you're trying to sell.
      4. Switch Real Estate Agents.
      5. Explore Alternative Selling Routes.
  • How do I get my listings sold?
    • 4 Effective Tactics To Sell Your Property Listing In A Buyer's Market: Tips For Real Estate Agents
      1. Start marketing the moment you sign the listing agreement.
      2. Stage your listing to make it stand out.
      3. Hire a professional photographer who understands architecture and interiors.
      4. Give your listing as much visibility as possible.
  • Can I sell something on Reddit?
    • Yes, but only if businesses approach the site with the right mindset. Assuming Reddit is like other sales channels will result in failure.
  • How to choose a real estate agent for selling reddit?
    • Here's some places to start:
      1. Do you have friends, family, or coworkers who have bought or sold recently?
      2. Drive a few neighborhoods you like.
      3. While you're in that neighborhood, go in if you see an open house.
      4. See if there's an agent who runs a blog about local real estate and the neighborhoods you like.
  • What is the common reason a property fails to sell?
    • The most common reason a property fails to sell is an unreasonable asking price by the seller.
  • How do I find a good realtor in Florida?
    • Pick Someone With an Experience

      You should always ask the agent about his previous transactions, previous clients list in Florida, how long he has been selling real estate in Florida etc. An expert says below five years experienced agents come into the category of new agents who are not enough to offer you best deal.

  • What is the difference between a listing agent and a selling agent?
    • Listing agents represent home sellers — as the name suggests, they create and promote the listing for a home that's for sale. Somewhat confusingly, selling agents represent the purchaser's interests and are therefore also known as buyer's agents.
  • How do I access MLS listings in Florida?
    • Members access MLSAdvantage via a link on their MLS website. Additionally, it can be accessed via the Florida Realtors website.
  • How to find a buyers agent?
    • 6 Tips on Finding a Buyer's Agent
      1. Research areas and homes. Some real estate agents specialize in certain price points or neighborhoods.
      2. Interview (at least) three or four agents.
      3. Ask about their relationships.
      4. Hire someone you genuinely like.
      5. Discuss what can go wrong.
      6. Talk through negotiations and winning strategies.
  • Who is the most successful real estate agent in Florida?
    • Jay Kendall
      Top Agents in Florida – Individuals By Volume

      Rank – State Volume Full Name Volume
      1 Jay Kendall $2,156,880,700
      2 Ralph Harvey $998,841,167
      3 Christian Angle $790,232,694
      4 Dana Koch $418,560,501
  • Real estate agent who specializes in accessible homes in minneapolis
    • Our top-rated real estate agents in Hennepin County are local experts and are ready to answer your questions about properties, neighborhoods, schools, and the 
  • How can I get a list of foreclosures in my area for free?
    • Foreclosure Listings – Free Sites
      4. Zillow Foreclosure Center.
      5. Foreclosures.
      6. Bank of America-owned properties and foreclosures.
      7. RealtyTrac.
  • Where is the best place to buy land?
    • The Top 9 Best States to Buy Land in 2021
      • Arkansas.
      • Tennessee.
      • Utah.
      • Arizona.
      • Oregon.
      • West Virginia. Enjoy the endless mountains and land for sale in West Virginia.
      • Kentucky. Land in Kentucky is its most valuable asset.
      • Texas. If you are looking to create a farm or a ranch, Texas is the state you should focus on.
  • What state has the cheapest land?
    • Arizona has the cheapest land in the US with a median price per acre of $4,164. The state's affordability can be attributed to factors such as its vast expanses of desert terrain, which may be perceived as less desirable for certain land uses, and lower demand compared to more densely populated areas.
  • What is the realtor Code of Ethics for 1913?
    • NAR's Code of Ethics, adopted in 1913, was one of the first codifications of ethical duties adopted by any business group. The Code ensures that consumers are served by requiring REALTORS® to cooperate with each other in furthering clients' best interests.
  • What did Nareb establish in 1913 to hold licensees to a higher standard of professionalism?
    • NAR's Code of Ethics Dates Back to 1913

      The history of the Code of Ethics dates back to 1913, just a few years after NAR — then called the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges — was founded in 1908.

  • Were there REALTORS in the 1800s?
    • The real estate industry traces its roots back to the late 19th century. But it didn't begin to take shape as we know it until the early 1900s. The National Association of Realtors was established as the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges in 1908 in Chicago as a way to expand real estate matters.
  • When the Code of Ethics was adopted there were no real estate licensing laws?
    • The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) formed in 1908 at a time when there were no real estate licensing laws and real estate agents had no obligation to protect or promote the interests of their clients.
  • What was the purpose of the original Ethics of the real estate profession?
    • The National Association of Realtors (NAR) developed the code to promote high standards of conduct among its members and to establish guidelines for fair and honest business practices. The code is based on several fundamental principles, including the duty to: Treat all parties honestly and fairly.
  • Will real estate agents be around in 20 years?
    • Will there be a future without real estate agents? The short answer is no. Real estate agents are highly unlikely to go the way of the Caspian tiger or Guam flying fox anytime soon. Still, it seems likely that the demand for real estate agents will decline over the next decade.
  • How long do most real estate agents last?
    • Most real estate agents fail in their first year, according to research. Three common mistakes that agents make is inadequate prospecting, failing to market properties in ways that lead to fast sales, and not following up with clients.
  • What is the toughest thing about being a real estate agent?
    • One of the toughest parts of the job is that long hours can be a significant challenge for real estate agents –– whether a new agent just starting in the business or an experienced agent. And to grow a successful business and meet the need of clients, realtors often need to work well beyond the typical 9-5.
  • What are the disadvantages of having a real estate agent?
    • One of the biggest drawbacks of working with a real estate agent is the cost. Agent commissions can be a significant expense for sellers, as they typically take a percentage of the sale price of the home. Buyers may also face additional costs, such as closing costs and other fees.
  • Is real estate good in the future?
    • Investors in rental properties continue to enjoy historically low and reasonable interest rates. Real estate is a long-term investment with a favorable long-term prognosis for current investors. Real Estate Investing makes people think of money. You will see a lot of good reasons for this.
  • What does contingent mean on realtor?
    • A contingent status means that the seller has accepted an offer and the home is under contract. But the sale is subject to, or conditioned upon, certain criteria being met by the buyer and/or seller before the deal can close.
  • What does pending mean in real estate?
    • A pending sale in real estate simply means that the seller has received and accepted an offer on their home. However, the deal is not yet finalized — hence “pending” and not simply “sold.” If you're interested in a pending property, your agent should consult with the seller's agent to learn more about the status.
  • Can a seller accept another offer while contingent?
    • Contingency with a kick-out clause

      That means the seller can continue to show the home and accept offers during the sale contingency period. If the seller gets a better offer, they'll allow the original buyer 72 hours to drop the sale contingency and proceed with the deal.

  • Is it better to be contingent or pending?
    • If a home is listed as pending, all contingencies have been met and the sale is further down the closing path, with most of the paperwork in place — but the transaction has not yet been completed. You are more likely to be successful making an offer on a contingent home than a pending one.
  • What is the code 4735.16 in Ohio?
    • Every broker's office shall prominently display in the same immediate area as licenses are displayed a statement that it is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, familial status as defined in section 4112.01 of the Revised Code, national origin, military status as defined in
  • What is the statute of probate in Ohio?
    • Ohio Revised Code Section 2107.01 et. seq. What Assets Go Through Probate? Probate is necessary when a person dies leaving property in his or her own name (such as a house titled only in the name of the decedent) or having rights to receive property.
  • What inducements must be disclosed according to Ohio law?
    • When you agree to reduce your commission you are giving the seller something of value. If this is done to get the seller to enter into a contract, then it must be disclosed in the contract to comply with Ohio's license law.
  • What is Section 4735.55 in the Ohio Revised Code?
    • Section 4735.55 | Written agency agreements.

      (A) Each written agency agreement shall contain all of the following: (1) An expiration date; (2) A statement that it is illegal, pursuant to the Ohio fair housing law, division (H) of section 4112.02 of the Revised Code, and the federal fair housing law, 42 U.S.C.A.

  • What is the statute 2913.04 in Ohio?
    • Section 2913.04 | Unauthorized use of property - computer, cable, or telecommunication property. (A) No person shall knowingly use or operate the property of another without the consent of the owner or person authorized to give consent.
  • Who is big e realty llc real estate work for
    • Minority-Owned Real Estate Company, Triple E Realty & Property Management services Indianapolis & Surrounding Areas. Our Real Estate Agents In Indianapolis 
  • What is the biggest social media platform for real estate?
    • What Is The Best Social Media For Real Estate?
      • 97% of realtors use Facebook.
      • 59% use LinkedIn.
      • 39% use Instagram.
  • What did newsday do that was illegal?
    • From approximately 2000 and continuing through 2004, Newsday circulation executives and managers repeatedly manipulated paid circulation numbers to make it appear as if more newspapers were being sold than was in fact the case, then forwarded the inflated data to ABC for dissemination to publishers.
  • Are real estate videos worth it?
    • Benefits of Video Marketing for Real Estate

      Real estate listings with video receive 403 percent more inquiries than listings without. Of all buyers and sellers, 85 percent want to work with an agent who uses video as part of their marketing efforts.

  • Are real estate blogs worth it?
    • As a real estate agent, you have so many options at your fingertips to promote your services, why invest your time in a real estate blog? Here's why—because it works, and it's helpful! The benefits you reap from blogging make the time investment worth it. Blogging should be part of your overall marketing plan.
  • What social platform do realtors use?
    • Facebook

      1. Facebook: The Social Network for All Real Estate Agents

      54.7% of Facebook's U.S. audience is women. Facebook gets 293 billion monthly active users (36.7% of the world's population) Facebook accounts for ~53% of all social media usage in the U.S. 89% of Realtors use Facebook in their real estate business.

  • What is the best app to find mobile homes for sale?
    • MyMobi Home Finder™ is the easy way to find a quality home near you. Backed by a leader in the manufactured home industry, MyMobi™ makes it easy to find a manufactured home and land in your search area to create the perfect home buying package.
  • What do I need to sell a mobile home in Missouri?
      1. Request a deed form from the Register of Deeds in your Missouri county.
      2. Fill out either form, and have your signature witnessed by a notary public.
      3. File the paperwork with the Register of Deeds, who will provide a copy of the records to the new owner.
  • Do you have to pay sales tax on a mobile home in Missouri?
    • If you purchased the new manufactured home from a Missouri dealer and taxes were never paid to Missouri, state and local sales tax must be collected on the 60% of the purchase price.
  • How to register a mobile home in Missouri?
    • In order to be considered real property, a manufactured home must be permanently affixed to real estate and an Affidavit of Affixation (Form 5312) must be recorded with the Recorder of Deeds Office in the county where the real estate is located.
  • Is Zillow a good app?
    • Zillow is one of the most powerful real estate companies in the world and has the most popular real estate app in America. With its popular and trusted valuation feature, Zestimates, it's the go-to app for the average American... but it isn't quite as high-quality as some of its rivals.
  • How do you write a press release for a meeting?
    • How to write a press release
      1. Write a clear, captivating headline.
      2. Include the date and your location.
      3. Quickly tell them what they need to know.
      4. Then give more context.
      5. Be honest and unbiased.
      6. Eliminate industry jargon.
      7. Include relevant, colorful quotes.
      8. Sign off appropriately.
  • How do you announce an event in a press release?
    • Provide the details of your event

      In subsequent paragraphs, elaborate on the event, including its purpose, significance, and any notable features or guest speakers. Include information about the date, time, location, and any relevant background about the event's history.

  • How do you write a press release for real estate?
    • Journalists tend to ask themselves “who, what, where, when, and why” questions, so be sure to include answers to most, if not all, of those questions. To sweeten the deal, you can include a few facts or statistics (with sources) or a little blurb about you/the brokerage. They'll also want some quotes, too.
  • What is the slogan of the National Association of Realtors?
    • REALTORS® Are Here For It” demonstrates how REALTORS® bring value, partnership, and professionalism to every aspect of the property ownership journey, and often beyond that.
  • How do you write an immediate press release?
    • Here are seven steps to writing an effective press release, step-by-step:
      1. Find a newsworthy angle.
      2. Craft an appealing press release headline.
      3. Summarize your story in your subtitle.
      4. Introduce essential information.
      5. Provide supporting information and context.
      6. Lead into the reader's next steps.
      7. End with your boilerplate.
  • What is a sic code for real estate?
    • SIC Code 6531

      US SIC Code 6531 - Real Estate Agents and Managers.

  • What is the best sic code for real estate?
    • SIC code 68100 is for the buying and selling of your own real estate; so, if you're going to be flipping and trading, this would be the code for you. So if you intend to buy properties to resell, then this is the appropriate SIC code. 2. SIC code 68209 is for the letting and operating of own or leased real estate.
  • How much does the average realtor in Maine make?
    • Real Estate Agent Salary in Maine
      Annual Salary Monthly Pay
      Top Earners $118,938 $9,911
      75th Percentile $95,200 $7,933
      Average $82,699 $6,891
      25th Percentile $61,800 $5,150
  • Does the buyer pay realtor fees in Maine?
    • Who pays realtor fees in Maine? In Maine, home sellers pay real estate commission fees out of the final sale proceeds for both agents involved in a deal. Offering to pay for the buyer's agent's commission is an incentive for agents to show your home to their clients.
  • Can a realtor represent buyer and seller in Maine?
    • In certain situations a licensee may act as an agent for and represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. This is called disclosed dual agency. Both the buyer and the seller must consent to this type of representation in writing.
  • What does the Maine real estate commission law and rules require that all written brokerage agreements include?
    • Written brokerage agreements must include a statement disclosing the real estate brokerage agency's policy on cooperating with and compensating other real estate brokerage agencies in the sale or purchase of real estate.
  • What is the average real estate prices in the UK?
    • Average UK house prices increased by 4.1% in the 12 months to March 2023, down from 5.8% in February 2023. The average UK house price was £285,000 in March 2023, which is £11,000 higher than 12 months ago, but £8,000 below the recent peak in November 2022.
  • Is real estate expensive in UK?
    • Since the pandemic began, a lack of affordable homes and rising demand has seen prices skyrocket. By August 2022, a typical UK property hit a record high cost of £293,992, according to analysis from Halifax. That proved to be the peak with economic disruption starting to hit the house market shortly after.
  • Is property in the US cheaper than the UK?
    • What is the Average House Price in the UK vs the USA? The average UK property is valued at £294,559, while in the USA, it's $348,079. After currency conversion, the USA is cheaper by about £5,300.
  • Can foreigners buy real estate in UK?
    • Yes, buying property in the UK without a visa is possible. There are no visa requirements specifically related to property ownership. Non-residents can purchase property in the UK if they comply with the legal requirements and processes for property transactions.
  • How much is an average house in London?
    • London. London shows, on average, house prices have fallen by 0.9% since February 2022. An annual price rise of 4.8% takes the average property value to £523,666.
  • How do you get leads for a listing?
    • A few real estate lead generation strategies for how to get leads in real estate include the following:
      1. Be active across social media.
      2. Create email marketing campaigns.
      3. Develop a brand.
      4. Form local connections.
      5. Build strategic partnerships.
      6. Traditional advertising.
      7. Build credibility with PR.
  • Why would a house be taken off the market?
    • Why would a house be temporarily off the market? Sellers may take the house off the market temporarily because active MLS listings must be available for showings. When a home isn't available for showings, the listing agent will change its status in their local MLS to “Temporarily Off Market.”
  • Which Florida statute created the Department of Business and Professional Regulation?
    • 20.165 Department of Business and Professional Regulation. —There is created a Department of Business and Professional Regulation. (1) The head of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation is the Secretary of Business and Professional Regulation.
  • Which of the following entities regulates real estate license law in Florida?
    • Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC), also known as the Commission, is the organization that administers and enforces real estate law in Florida.
  • Which of the following is a duty of the real estate commissioner quizlet?
    • The primary responsibility of the real estate commissioner, who is appointed by the governor, is to enforce the real estate law in such a manner that purchasers of real estate and those people dealing with real estate licensees are afforded maximum protection.
  • Which of the following is a power of the Louisiana real estate commission?
    • The commission shall have the full power and authority to: (1) Regulate the issuance of real estate licenses, registrations, and certificates. (2) Censure licensees, registrants, and certificate holders. (3) Suspend or revoke licenses, registrations, and certificates.
  • Which statement most accurately differentiates between the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the Florida real estate Commission?
    • The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) regulates education requirements for real estate agents in Florida. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) oversees the FREC and takes care of the licensing and registration of real estate agents.
  • What is the acronym Naeba?
    • The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) is a professional organization of real estate buyer agents and buyer brokers who only represent home buyers. Members of NAEBA do not accept listings, advertise properties for sale or represent sellers at any time.
  • What is an exclusive buyer?
    • First, a definition: Exclusive buyer agents only represent buyers. They never represent sellers or take listings. Because they never represent sellers, they can never be caught representing both sides (buyer and seller) in the same transaction.
  • What does the acronym used for?
    • Acronyms are used most often to abbreviate names of organizations and long or frequently referenced terms.
  • What does the acronym EFAA stand for?
    • The Expedited Funds Availability Act (EFA or EFAA) was enacted in 1987 by the United States Congress for the purpose of standardizing hold periods on deposits made to commercial banks and to regulate institutions' use of deposit holds.
  • What is an exclusive agreement in real estate?
    • In an exclusive listing, only one broker is specifically authorized to act as the exclusive agent of the seller. That means one broker has the sole right to market, show, and sell the property. Other brokers are excluded from trying to sell the property while the agreement is active.
  • Who governs realtors in Florida?
    • The Florida Real Estate Commission

      The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) administers and enforces the real estate license law and is a division of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

  • How do I file a complaint against a Florida real estate agent?
    • If you would like information concerning filing a complaint with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation's Florida Real Estate Commission, you can reach them at (850) 487-1395.
  • How many members are in the Florida real estate commission?
    • Seven members

      There are seven members on the committee, each appointed to a four-year term: Four of the members must be licensed real estate brokers with active licenses for at least five years leading up to the appointment to the commission.

  • Which of the following statements is true regarding the real estate industry?
    • Expert-Verified Answer. The statement that is TRUE regarding the real estate industry is that it is highly competitive, relatively small, and relatively concentrated, with a few owners controlling most of the market in most areas.

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