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When it comes to finding the right real estate agent, a referral from someone you trust can be invaluable. However, knowing what to say to express your gratitude and ensure a successful working relationship can be challenging. In this expert review, we will discuss the key elements of a message you can write to someone who referred you to a real estate agent in the US. Our goal is to provide you with an informative and easy-to-understand guide, enabling you to establish a strong connection with your new agent.


  1. Express Your Appreciation:

    Begin your message by expressing your gratitude towards the person who referred you. Acknowledge their role in connecting you with an excellent real estate agent and highlight the importance of their recommendation. This personal touch will show your sincerity and appreciation.

  2. Share Your Expectations:

    In the next section, outline your specific real estate needs and goals. Clearly communicate what you are looking for in terms of property type, location, budget, and any other relevant details. By providing a comprehensive overview, you enable the referring party to understand your requirements better and convey them accurately to the real estate agent.

  3. Mention the Referral

How to Say Thank You for a Real Estate Referral
  1. Referrals are at the core of my business.
  2. It was such a pleasure assisting you in finding the perfect location to start your new business.
  3. As a new realtor I can't begin to express my appreciation for the trust you placed in me when you bought your new home.

How do you say thank you to someone who referred you?

Thank you for referring me for the job opportunity at [Company Name]. I am truly grateful for your support and confidence in my abilities. Your recommendation means a lot to me, and I will do my best to make the most of this opportunity. Thank you again for your invaluable assistance.

How do you thank clients for referrals?

Show gratitude by expressing your sincere appreciation for the customer's referral, and let them know how much you value their support and trust in your business. Include the positive effect the sent referral has had on your business and how it has contributed to your growth and success.

How do you compliment a real estate agent?

Dear [Real estate agent/REALTOR® name], Thank you so much for helping us sell our home. We were blown away by your knowledge and talent for negotiation and we couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out. We are incredibly grateful that we chose you to list our house.

How do you respond to a referral message?

Follow these steps to create a thank you letter for a job referral:
  1. Compose the heading or subject line.
  2. Address the receiver by name.
  3. Express your thankfulness for the referral.
  4. Explain how the referral has helped your career.
  5. Reinforce your gratitude.
  6. Sign your name.

What is a good message for real estate agent?

Hi {{}}. Thanks for your interest in the property at {{address}}. I wanted to let you know the house is currently under contract. However, similar properties in the area are being listed soon and I'm happy to arrange a showing!

What are the three most important words in real estate?

There is an old adage, that the three most important words in real estate are 'Location, Location, Location'.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say thank you to an estate agent?

Thank you so much for your help with [buying/selling] our home. Your knowledge and expertise made the process smooth and easy to understand for us. It was very comforting to know exactly what we were signing for and the details and risks of our deal. Please let us know if you ever need a review or testimonial!

How do you show appreciation to your REALTOR?

Depending on how well you know your REALTOR®, you could give them a gourmet gift basket, or simply a nice bottle of wine or a gift card would suffice. You should also consider how much you want to spend. Typically, the idea of receiving a gift at all is enough to warm an agent's heart.

What do you say to an estate agent?

What you should do:
  1. Say you've been looking for a while.
  2. Be confident about your choice of neighbourhood.
  3. Don't ask questions you don't need to.
  4. Read the listing first.
  5. If your interest is genuine, show it.
  6. But keep your other offers to yourself.
  7. Try looking at the end of the year.
  8. “What's the neighbourhood like?”

How do you say thank you for a letter of recommendation?

Express your gratitude for the recommendation and their support in your professional growth. Let them know the impact it had on your job search. A closing and a signature. Reiterate your gratitude and finish your letter with a signature.

What should a realtor write in a thank you card?

Thank-you Note From Listing Agent to Homeowner

Your business is greatly appreciated, and I am so honored that you trusted me with the sale of your home. I would like to offer you my continued service, so please don't hesitate to call should there be anything that I can do for you.

How do I write a referral letter for real estate?

How to write a real estate letter of recommendation
  1. Consider why you're writing the letter.
  2. Evaluate your real estate professional.
  3. Write your recommendation paragraphs.
  4. Write your body paragraph.
  5. Write your conclusion paragraph.
  6. Review any factual statements.
  7. Proofread your recommendation letter.


What is a handwritten note to a real estate prospect?

A handwritten note is a nice gesture that can help to solidify a personal relationship with a real estate client. It shows that real estate agents care about their sphere of influence and value the business they have brought in because it shows client appreciation.

What do you write in a real estate note card?

Spread Your Brand Message

Include contact information such as email, phone number, website address (URL) or social media accounts on each card so potential clients will know how to reach out if they need assistance buying or selling property down the line.

What do you say when you get a lead in real estate?
Approaching new real estate leads
  • Introduce yourself briefly.
  • Explain how you got their information.
  • Ask if now is a good time to chat.
  • Ask what triggered their home buying or selling.
  • Touch on current market conditions, and ask if they have any initial questions.
Do handwritten letters work in real estate?

All in all, a handwritten real estate prospecting letter sent to potential sellers really DOES work, but it all comes down to personalization. These letters are effective only when they feel like they're written specifically with the recipient in mind.

What is an example of a prospecting letter in real estate?

My name is [Name], and I'm a real estate agent working with [Team Name at Brokerage]. I represent homeowners in [Neighborhood]. Most recently, I sold the home at [address]. This is a highly desirable neighborhood, and homes are generally selling above asking price and going under contract in an average of [##] days!

What to write to someone who referred you to them real estate

How do I write a good review for a real estate agent? Elements of a Great Review
  1. Explain why you chose the realtor.
  2. Describe the entire process of working with them.
  3. Outline their strengths and weaknesses as a realtor.
  4. Discuss how they handled difficult situations or negotiations.
  5. Talk about any helpful and great advice or tips they provided during the process.
How do you say thank you and appreciation? Show Your Appreciation With 25 Other Ways To Say “Thank You”
  1. I'm so grateful. Thanks is an expression of gratitude, so cut to the chase.
  2. I appreciate it.
  3. Thanks for your hard work on this.
  4. I couldn't have done it without you.
  5. I owe you one.
  6. Much obliged.
  7. Thanks for having my back.
  8. Please accept my deepest gratitude.
What are examples of a positive review? Here are some phrases that commonly appear in positive reviews:
  • “I highly recommend this business.”
  • “Their customer service is second to none.”
  • “The product quality is consistently outstanding, exceeding my expectations every time.”
  • “I was completely impressed with their professionalism and customer service.”
What do you write in a thank you note for real estate?

Dear [Real estate agent/REALTOR® name], We want to thank you for all the fantastic work you've done for us. Thank you for going the extra mile for us on every step of our [home buying/selling] journey! We could not have done this without you, and we are so grateful for your assistance, patience and expertise.

How do you say thank you to a realtor?

We want to thank you for all the fantastic work you've done for us. Thank you for going the extra mile for us on every step of our [home buying/selling] journey! We could not have done this without you, and we are so grateful for your assistance, patience and expertise.

  • Can a Christian be a real estate agent?
    • A Christian realtor recognizes the importance of guiding us towards choices that align with these principles. They can help us make decisions that not only benefit us financially but also reflect our commitment to living a life that honors God.

  • Why would you want to work for a real estate company?
    • From unlimited earning potential to the flexibility and freedom that the industry offers, to the ability to make a difference in the lives of others, the benefits of a career in real estate are seemingly endless.

  • Why are referrals important in real estate?
    • Referral business often yields motivated buyers and sellers, which means the increased likelihood of completed transactions. Additionally, clients referred to you by a third party may be more inclined to trust you and your real estate expertise, which can lead to positive interactions and results.

  • What is an example of a job referral letter?
    • Dear [Name], I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to recommend a colleague of mine, [Colleague's Name], for the [Position] role at our company. I have worked alongside [Colleague's Name] for [Length of Time] and can attest to their skills, work ethic, and positive attitude.

  • How do you write a simple referral letter?
    • How to write a referral letter
      1. Outline your plan. Before you write, you need to have a solid plan for the content of your letter.
      2. Address the recipient.
      3. Introduce yourself.
      4. Summarise the candidate's strengths.
      5. Share examples of the candidate's skills.
      6. End with a closing statement.
      7. Leave a signature.

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