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Discover how real estate agents who buy homes that don't sell can offer a ray of hope to homeowners facing challenges in the competitive US housing market. Learn about their unique services and how they can alleviate the stress of selling a property.


When homeowners face the daunting task of selling their property, they often rely on the expertise of real estate agents. However, despite their best efforts, some homes simply don't sell. This can be a frustrating and disheartening experience for sellers. Fortunately, there is a solution—real estate agents who specialize in buying homes that don't sell. In this article, we will explore how these agents operate and how they can provide a lifeline for homeowners in the US.

  1. Understanding the Challenges of Selling a Home:

Selling a home is a complex process that involves various challenges. Let's delve into some common roadblocks that homeowners may encounter:

  • Market Competition: In a competitive real estate market like the US, it can be challenging for properties to stand out among the vast array of listings.
  • Overpricing: Incorrectly pricing a home can deter potential buyers and lead to extended listing periods.
  • Property
Are cash-for-home companies legit? In short, the answer is yes; there are many legitimate companies out there that purchase homes for cash, will provide you with a great experience, and are good on their word.

Why do I keep getting offers to buy my house?

Low inventory and high demand have created a seller's market. Investors eager to turn a profit are using cold calls and texts to get their hands on houses. Many of these offers are legitimate, but they probably won't get you top dollar for your home.

How much less should you offer on a house when paying cash?

Offering 1% to 4% below asking may not seem like a lot of savings when you're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the reduced price will make your mortgage payments less every month. You may want to offer below 5% when you're paying with cash or when the market is more balanced.

Are HomeVestors legit?

Is HomeVestors a legit company? Yes, HomeVestors of America is a legit company. They are a network of real estate investors that buys distressed properties for cash. They do not offer the market value of your home.

How do I know if my cash buyer is legit?

If they have no references or refuse to share them, you are probably dealing with a scam artist. Before you spend any time negotiating a cash-only sale, ask for a list of the properties the buyer has purchased in the past. Then, take the time to check the courthouse records to verify the accuracy of this information.

Can you find cash buyers on PropStream?

PropStream has been collecting data for over 15 years now, so the scope of our nationwide property database is huge and you'll find a lot more than just pre-foreclosures on the platform. This includes cash buyers! With the tools on PropStream, finding a list of cash buyers in your market couldn't be any easier.

Is selling your house to an investor a good idea?

You can expect a lower sale price Real estate investors pay cash for houses just as they are, and in so doing, they streamline the process. While the convenience can't be beat, the sale price will reflect the amount of money and time the investor needs to put into your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the investors on buy my house?

Throughout the series, various homeowners attempt to sell their properties to one of four real estate tycoons: Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin; Pamela Liebman, CEO of Corcoran Group; Brandon Copeland, an NFL Linebacker, or Danisha Wrighster, investment property magnate.

How do I find an investor to buy a house?

Ways to Find Local Real Estate Investors
  1. Real Estate Networking Events.
  2. Social Media.
  3. Local Investment Clubs.
  4. Friends and Family.
  5. Real Estate Agents.
  6. Create Financial Profiles on Properties.
  7. Leverage Social Media.
  8. Create and Use a Clear Call to Action.

What do you call someone who buys and sells houses?

Real estate agents have a professional license to help people buy, sell, and rent real estate. They must work for a sponsoring broker or brokerage firm. Brokers are real estate agents who have completed additional training and licensing requirements.

What happened to Opendoor?

Opendoor reported a loss of $1.4bn in 2022, after a loss of $662 million in 2021. Sales in 2022 were $15.6 billion. In November 2022 Opendoor cut 18% of its workforce, or 550 jobs.

Which iBuyer pays the most?

Which iBuyer offers the most? Opendoor has a low service fee of 5% and generally pays the most for homes. However, Offerpad also has low service fees and offers to pay for local moves for free, which could save you money.


What is a no obligation offer?
Phrase. In advertisements, if a product or a service is available without obligation, you do not have to pay for that product or service until you have tried it and are satisfied with it. If you are selling your property, why not call us for a free valuation without obligation.
Is selling to an iBuyer worth it?
As a seller, working with an iBuyer may be worth it if you: Want to sell your home quickly, rather than wait for the highest possible offer. Don't want to clean, repair or stage your home for potential buyers. Don't want strangers touring a home you're still living in.
Are cash offers for houses legit?
Are companies that buy houses for cash legitimate? Most of these companies are legit, yes. But they typically won't offer you as much as you could make by selling on the open market with an agent, as their business model is to fix homes up and flip them for a profit.
Is there such a thing as house trading?
House-trading pros and cons No need for staging or showings: When you swap houses, you don't need to go through the process of attracting a buyer — you're already working with another party who's also committed to closing the deal.
What are trades in real estate?
A Re-trade is the practice of renegotiating the purchase price of real property by the buyer after initially agreeing to purchase at a higher price. Typically this occurs after the buyer gets the property under contract and during the period that it is performing due diligence.

Real estate agents who buy homes that dont sell

How do I not get scammed by cash offer on my house? If you receive an unsolicited offer for your property, be wary of a potential scam. Legitimate cash homebuyers will typically advertise their services or allow you to contact them directly rather than send you a postcard or call you out of the blue to inquire about your home.
Is it good to sell your house to an investor? You can expect a lower sale price Real estate investors pay cash for houses just as they are, and in so doing, they streamline the process. While the convenience can't be beat, the sale price will reflect the amount of money and time the investor needs to put into your property.
Who is buying all the homes in Colorado? Investors, not homeowners, are buying more and more Colorado homes – and rents are going up. An increasing percentage of homes sold in Colorado and across the country are being bought by investors, according to data released by Stateline, an initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts.
Why are people calling me to buy my house? Your home isn't for sale. If you're fielding phone calls, text messages, and postcards from people who want to buy your home — for cash, nonetheless — you're not alone. Investors and buyers on the hunt for real estate deals employ these tactics to find off-market properties.
Who is best to sell your house? To get the best price possible, you should sell through a good local estate agent. To get the fastest sale possible, you should sell to a cash house buying company. For a good balance of speed and price, you should sell by auction (especially if your property has some issues).
  • How can I market my house to sell fast?
    • Here are 15 tips to sell your home faster:
      1. Pick a selling strategy.
      2. Hire an experienced real estate agent.
      3. Clean everything.
      4. Depersonalize your home.
      5. Let the light in.
      6. Remove excess furniture and clutter.
      7. Consider staging your home.
      8. Invest in a professional photographer.
  • What not to say when selling a house?
    • Don't discuss these things with buyers
      1. How much you paid for the home.
      2. How long the home has been on the market.
      3. Why you're selling the home (particularly if it's being sold as-is)
      4. How many people have toured the home.
      5. How many offers you've received.
      6. Whether you are willing to negotiate, and how much.
  • Www real estate who buy your house
    • Apr 10, 2023 — There are plenty of well-established companies that specialize in buying houses for cash; it's a common practice in real estate. However 
  • Why are so many people calling to buy my house?
    • Real-Estate Agents Potential home buyers often partner with real estate agents to find the perfect home. It makes financial sense for them to send unsolicited offers in search of an off-market deal, as they aren't facing competition from other potential buyers.

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